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Suspension/Steering / Need my rear tighter
So I am looking to get stiffer springs in the rear of my bird. It is an 88 sport with a 351W swap. Every time I go over a small wow in the road, the right rear tire rubs my body. The car is not lowered but my battery in on that side right behind the rear seat back. It is chewing my tire so bad on the sidewall and I want o fix it.

I do not want to lower the car. The springs in the front are 2003 Cobra springs and they are perfect. I did some research and I see there is a Moog CC823 that can be used. I can not find any info on the spring rate of this or if it will keep the ride height. I only rear that it is a constant rate or specific rate. Anyone have any info or have used them?

I also saw that SN95 rear coils may work. Any info on that?
Archive & Library (Read Only) / Re: 3.8/4.2L Split Port Swap into a Fox
Awesome job bud. I am the kind of guy that loves to do odd ball stuff to cars and with you being able to upgrade to the split port 3.8L engine just shows that there is more options then finding a standard replacement to stick in there. I think that a 3.8L SC engine would be an option too.

Some days I wish I was rich so I could just do stuff like this all day.

Keep up the good work and show as many pics as you can.
Electrical Tech / Transmission pin out on 1988 Thunderbird
I have an 88 sport that i have installed a 4R70W into. I am running a new Quick 4 controller for the trans. I am doing the wiring for it and my EVTM does not show me the connector by the console for my trans. Does anyone have a picture of the connector and what the wires are?

Suspension/Steering / Re: OK Guys, School me on SN95 front brake swap
So I did the swap of all the brake hoses, calipers, spindles. Also bought the power stop brake kit for a 99 Mustang 4.6L. The only thing I did notice is that when I swapped (10+ years ago) the turbo coupe brakes onto my sport, I needed one adapter for the left front brake hard line to flex hose. When I installed all the 99 brake calipers to my front hard lines, Everything bolted to the factory hard brake lines. I reused the adapter on the left front, but I did not need the 7828 fittings at all.

Right now I am waiting on my MM caster/camber plates to bolt in on a set of new SN95 front struts.

I have to say that with everything I have done to this car, everything had to be modified. I will be happy when she is running.

Mods so far:
351W swap. replaced all bearings and piston rings
Stage 1 TFS cam
Edelbrock Performer heads
Edelbrock Performer intake
Fitech efi set up w/BMW block off plate
4R70W swap
Stiffler cross member
2003 8.8" Rear diff from Mustang. 94 rear brake hoses
94 Mustang front spindles/ 99 PBR calipers
99 Mustang Power Stop brake kit front and rear
Modified park brake cables
MSD Ready to run Distributor
Aeromotive external FPR
Modified fuel lines
80" serp belt. Need to remember that
95 Thunderbird cooling fan modified w/bmw fan switch and Volvo fan relays
Trans hump modified with one from a 2002 Mustang
Power passenger seat wired in
Quick 4 Trans controller for 4R70W
Econoline trans cooler
Headers/off road X pipe, Magnaflow cat back stretched 4"
2003 Cobra front springs.

so much more I can not remember.
Drivetrain Tech / Re: 1983 v8 thunderbird cpi to mustang injection conversion
If you are doing a swap like this, the best car would be a 86 up Mustang. that way you will have all the parts you need from tank to engine. I know it is not the same but my wife has a 1981 Mustang 6 cyl auto car and I bought a 1987 GT 5.0L 5 speed car and did the whole swap with the parts from the GT into her 81. The other thing I am kicking my ass on is I did a 351W swap on my 5.0L Sport Thunderbird and did a Fitech EFI unit instead of the stock set up for tune-ability. Now I see that Holley has come out with the Terminator X system which is plug and play standalone EFI brain and harness that works with all the 5.0L Mustang stuff and you can tune it!

Good luck with the swap. It will be fun and frustrating at the same time but worth it.
Misc Tech / Re: Electric Fan Opinions
Ford Contour or Mercury Mystique cooling fans from a V6 cars fit the best and are cheap from the yard.
Drivetrain Tech / 4R70W in a 1988 Thunderbird. Shifter install.
So I wanted to make sure that i could keep the car stock looking on the interior and exterior. So know I am tackling the shifter. I tried to keep the stock shifter in the car but it was not working out well. My plan was to install a 99-04 Mustang shifter and make it sit well with the console and cover. Sounds easy but it takes some work. The 88 shifter mounts to a flat plate on the trans tunnel. A 2002 shifter mounts to the curvature of the Mustang floor. So since that was not working, off to the junk yard with a sawzall I went. I cut a big part of the floor out of a 2002 Mustang and started my modifications.

The Thunderbird shifter plate on the floor was screwed in and seam sealed to the trans tunnel. After getting that part out, I cleaned up the area and started to make the 2002 part fit onto a 1988 part. With a lot of trimming, fitting screwing around and modifying the console, I was able to get it all to fit and play nice. 
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Carpet removal
It was a challenge to get out but I got it. The tabs that drop down to locate the front of the console acted like carpet spikes.