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Suspension/Steering / Need my rear tighter
So I am looking to get stiffer springs in the rear of my bird. It is an 88 sport with a 351W swap. Every time I go over a small wow in the road, the right rear tire rubs my body. The car is not lowered but my battery in on that side right behind the rear seat back. It is chewing my tire so bad on the sidewall and I want o fix it.

I do not want to lower the car. The springs in the front are 2003 Cobra springs and they are perfect. I did some research and I see there is a Moog CC823 that can be used. I can not find any info on the spring rate of this or if it will keep the ride height. I only rear that it is a constant rate or specific rate. Anyone have any info or have used them?

I also saw that SN95 rear coils may work. Any info on that?
Electrical Tech / Transmission pin out on 1988 Thunderbird
I have an 88 sport that i have installed a 4R70W into. I am running a new Quick 4 controller for the trans. I am doing the wiring for it and my EVTM does not show me the connector by the console for my trans. Does anyone have a picture of the connector and what the wires are?

Drivetrain Tech / 4R70W in a 1988 Thunderbird. Shifter install.
So I wanted to make sure that i could keep the car stock looking on the interior and exterior. So know I am tackling the shifter. I tried to keep the stock shifter in the car but it was not working out well. My plan was to install a 99-04 Mustang shifter and make it sit well with the console and cover. Sounds easy but it takes some work. The 88 shifter mounts to a flat plate on the trans tunnel. A 2002 shifter mounts to the curvature of the Mustang floor. So since that was not working, off to the junk yard with a sawzall I went. I cut a big part of the floor out of a 2002 Mustang and started my modifications.

The Thunderbird shifter plate on the floor was screwed in and seam sealed to the trans tunnel. After getting that part out, I cleaned up the area and started to make the 2002 part fit onto a 1988 part. With a lot of trimming, fitting screwing around and modifying the console, I was able to get it all to fit and play nice. 
Body/Appearance/Interior / Drivers to dual power seat upgrade.
I was taking the interior apart in my bird for a couple reasons. One thing I noticed was I had power drivers seat but the wiring for a power passenger seat. Pulled the seats and carpet and found that the factory just tossed in an extra harness for a power seat and it was not plugged in. So I pulled the harness out and laid it out properly for my seat. I could not find where the harness plugged into on the passenger side for power and grounds. After some more research I noticed that the factory just shoved in two drivers side power seat harnesses and buried the other under the carpet. I figured that out by looking at the pin outs on the passenger side harness and found two wire were wired the same as the drivers.

So I am thinking I will make the extra harness pin properly for the passenger side and tap into the powers and grounds. The only thing I can not find is what the purple/yellow wire does in that harness.
Suspension/Steering / 2003/04 Cobra front springs
I see that in a lot of posts that when you guys upgrade to newer front springs that you use 99 up Mustang GT springs. I have 2 sets of 2003 Cobra springs that I swapped from a coupe years ago. I think they are 300lb rated springs or something like that. Will these lower my bird plus keep the front stiff? I know my Cobra was not so comfy of a ride but that was not the purpose of owning a Terminator.
Suspension/Steering / OK Guys, School me on SN95 front brake swap
So I read a lot of the posts on here for the SN95 5 lug brake swap. With the Foxbody Mustangs you use the 94-95 front spindles. I noticed you guys on the Thunderbirds use either 94-95 spindles or the 99-04. Mine is a 1988 Thunderbird Sport and I already swapped in a 2003 GT rear diff with disc brakes. I want to make sure that my front wheels look right in my wheels and have the proper turning radius.

Another question is the springs. I heard swapping to SN95 springs can give you a lowered look while giving a stock ride. True??

Thanks guys. You rock!
Electrical Tech / 1988 EVTM
Did this forums have the EVTM's scanned to look at wiring diagrams? I had a 1988 Thunderbird EVTM and for the life of me, I can not figure out where it is.
Electrical Tech / 87/88 EFI to Carb. Read before judging.
So I bought my old 88 Sport back and i am swapping in a 351W with 4R70W. Now the guy before me took the efi harness for himself so he could swap it into a non efi car. Now with my build I am going to use the aftermarket EFI system and trans controller. I have used this unit on my wife's car and it is awesome. My question is, how do you hook up all the gauges to make the dash work? I see a couple plugs that were part of the factory efi and just want to make everything work properly.
Drivetrain Tech / 8.8" swap SN95 vs Lincoln Mark 7
88 sport with a turbo coupe 8.8" in it now. Want to go to 5 lug swap. SN95 axles are the same length as turbo coupe but the Lincoln Mark 7 axles are 3/4" longer then the turbo coupe axles (i know I will have to swap calipers and hardware). I am looking from a stock Mustang 5 lug wheel option (2007-2009 GT500 wheels) at this point for best fit into the rear wheel wells. I see some people have to use wheel spacers with the Mustang SN95 rear axle swap to make the wheels sit properly.
Electrical Tech / Lets talk LED bulbs
I am on Ebay and i am looking at LED bulbs to replace my tail light bulbs. Anyone done this and what is the best choice of bulb since there is a bunch out there?
Engine Swapping / What trans behind a 5.8L swap?
What trans are you guy's running with the bigger small block swap? I could go T5 or because the car is automatic I could go a C6, AOD or 4R70