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Lounge / Re: Feeling frustrated with the state of my project.
For me, it comes down to *time*, *money*, and *motivation*.

None of those three seem to be able to exist all at the same time, in my life, at least right now.
Work is at least 6 days a week, and always 10 or more hours a day, just got over covid again for the second time, and have to much other puppies that's on the upper end of the priority list.

I said eff it. Gonna sell off all of my project stuff, two whole cars, an engine, (more like 3, all together), and a few boxes of stuff. Nothing to get excited's just mustang puppies. oh my, the filters are potent now. Both times, it was a word that rhymes with "nap" and is slang for what comes out of a puppies fundament. Oh well. Guess I have to buy a membership to say a puppies' cuss word LMFAO

Engine Tech / Re: Help Please, Energy Drain
None of those stock (2G) alts are worth a red puppies.

I had a fire on an '89 Tbird from the connector melting, basically the voltage reg went bad and things

Anywho....not really relevant, BUT, if you need more amps, then a 3G and upgraded wiring/connectors may be the thing. Write up on coolcats tells how, and what ya need, as well as what to find em on, if you;re the sort that likes getting your hands dirty twice ;)
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: HO Upgrade
I'd think honestly, to get the most, may as well swap in an Explorer engine, change the cam (would have to anyway, regardless), you'd already have the best iron heads, would still need valve springs, even with an HO cam, and finsh it off with a decent exhaust, and what...300 horses, what with an E cam, and the explorer intake?

You'd need to stab a distributor in it, the exploders had dist-less ignition, but the block still has provisions for it.

I started mine with an HO bottom end from a V8 stang...were I to do it again, I'd go with the Explorer engine. Stille the same work, but ten years newer (at least) on the bottom end, and probably less

Anywho, I wonder if OP will follow up. I have no need for these HO parts, he's welcome to 'em.

I *might* even have a set of EFI fuel lines...I'd have to check. Honestly don't know what I have for Tbird stuff, left, anymore..
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: HO Upgrade
Yeah. makes the OP's query even more of a head scratcher. Surely it's a typo and he meant 84.

I knew the '93 Bird (V8)ad the HO....the first ex-wife had one. Wasn't sure about the 94, but I knew for a fact the 95 had the 4.6 as I've worked on one of those.

Anywho....OP must mean an 84...and those were CFI, were they not? Probably gonna need a harness too...
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: HO Upgrade
Another idea? How about an Explorer engine?

Pros: GT40 heads, good intake, good pistons (I think?- can't remember), lots of used explorers, maybe not so cheap, since LGB...but...

Cons: need to change cam, valve springs, and add a distributor, and if it's a P headed engine, headers are more of a pain. But BBK 1515 work on P heads, but will need a 90* plug boot on at least one plug...

I actually have a spare Explorer engine from a '99 Mounty....I'd love to say it runs, but I couldn't get it started. However, the oil was good, and it did turn over before I pulled it. Bought a rollover a few years ago....was gonna V8 swap a '97 Explorer that has a as far as parting out the rolled donor and scrapping the smashed puppies and then winter hit, and...well...come spring, there was a new job, and no time, money, or motivation to convert the thing. Eventually there was a 4th kid and a 5 seat SUV wasn't enough so I bought an '06 4.6 Exploder and the to-be-swapped Explorer still sits, as does it's intended engine.

Anyway, I see you are upgrading a '94 5.0 you mean '84....because a '94 Cougar already is an HO engine...

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: HO Upgrade
I've got a couple HO for heads, GT40 heads would work, and probably at this point in time be easier to find than E7s.

If you're set on the E7s, I have a set of those, and at least one HO upper/lower.

Where are ya? Shipping heads isn't cheap. Hell, if you're local, I'd just give you this HO puppies, I honestly have no use for it anymore...
Suspension/Steering / Re: Mustang sway bar on thunderbird
I'm a little late to this party, but I do remember well the talk of the hollow bars and that they ought to be avoided if possible. I even vaguely remember someone here having one that broke...whether it was from rust or simply hard use eludes my memory.

I had a 5.0 Stang bar, and few TC bars (rears)....all were identical in all dimensions/shape.
Fairly certain via memory that Stang 5.0 front bars and the TC bars were very similar. The difference is the end link lengths as the bottom end location on the control arm is "lower" on Tbirds vs Fox Stangs. SN95 Stangs are closer to the '87-8 Cat/Birds.

When I had my white Bird, I put a TC bar on the back (didn't have one before), that alone made a helluva lot of difference. When I swapped on the TC struts (with them "locked" into firm) it was a total night and day difference. TC bar up front at that point as well. Good times. By today's standard though it was pretty sloppy, but in 2005 I thought I was a bad dude.

I miss that car...anywho..
Suspension/Steering / Re: RLCA.
I had poly bushings with my CHE arms, plus some sort of metal upper axle end things that I foolishly slapped in as well. Rode rough as hell, the susp was bound up, and even on slightly rough surfaces, cornering would cause the rear to kick out as if it were a leaf sprung truck.

When I did the Mustangs later on I left all the bushings poly (but did put new ones in) and they all have ridden so much nicer.

Lessons they say.
Engine Tech / Re: after market Dizzy FYI *** IMPORTANT READ
But the length on the distributor housing AND the shaft is identical to the old one, no?

There's a place here that rebuilds distributors, on the popular units...surely they'd do a 5.0 Ford....I'll nose around. I'd rather have a rebuilt OEM part than a chinese POS that (as you've discovered) has piss poor tolerance and QA issues....

You can change the gear, too, if need be..
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: need a seating solution
I put a set of '98 GT seats into a friend's Fox Stang...huge improvement. He's also a bigger fella and said upon the first drive with the new seats that it felt a lot better.

Leather..ughh. It's nice to look at but wears like puppies and will eventually...look like puppies as well.

If I could find myself an Expedition Platinum eco boost with cloth and withOUT that damned moonroof, I'd be happier than a hog in a new mudhole.

Unfortunately....effing Ford and their junk moonroofs.

I've also noticed that the SN95 seats don't seem to get (or maybe as bad?) that good ole Fox gangsta lean like the older seats get..