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Suspension/Steering / Daily drivers take warning. Inspect those struts for Rust !
Last post by Muttwood -
While this is not my daily driver, I do drive my 88 XR7 daily right now.
This is from my 88 Project.
I was backing it into the shop when the front wheel snapped.;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_dbff5dc77caaa1c63b801eaf707d11c8;topic=0

Tore is apart and found this,;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_bc3962b03fc7157f280b21e16679a376;topic=0

The rest of the suspension is in really good shape.
The car has sat outside the last 3 winters and All I can come up with is that water got in between the steel and the good ol' Canadian freeze/thaw cycle blew it apart.
My daily driver will be coming into the shop after supper and be inspected.
Drivetrain Tech / Re: Axle swap
Last post by count -
So after rereading thread I decided to go back to parts yard to pull 96 axles.  looking at my TC 8.8 , I started wondering if I should have taken caliper mounting bracket. Do anyone know if the TC caliper mounting bracket will work with sn95 rear disc brake setup?
Lounge / Re: Arriving late to FWD cars...
Last post by Beau -
I've got a 2010 Mercury Milan (basically a fully loaded Fusion, with LED taillights LOL) and thing is a peppy little shit.
My first front drive Ford since I had my Escort GT....25 years ago. It was an '86, so wasn't very fast, and by today' standards not really all that fuel efficient either.

I actually took a little rip in both a Focus ST and a 2014 Ecoboost 2.3 Mustang the day I bought the Milan. The seller let me have at them both, hard to believe a 140 cubic inch 4 banger would absolutely smoke the 5.0 V8 that we all know and love from the late 80's...and then today he sent me a text (we became friends over cars) that he just bought a GT500 and is flying out this evening to pick it up. He already has a GT350 AND a 780-some horse drag Stang.

He's also putting a Coyote into a '69 Mach 1.

Anywho...some of the lower end Ford FWD stuff is indeed bland, slow and not inspiring. The faster stuff, the ecoboosted cars, etc are kinds spirited though. Ask any guy who has a Taurus SHO...they're fun...until the water pump goes, that is....
Lounge / Arriving late to FWD cars...
Last post by MexCougar -
Maybe you wont believe but it still have all my old vehicles, even the Cougar , in non-running condition.

Still have the ford explorer 96, but i dont drive that truck anymore. Developed a front seal transmission leak and became a money pit, so when i need to drive this, i pour half quart of Mercon Oil, and call it a day.

Still have the old F150 01 , V6. Since its a single cab truck its useful to carry the junk produced for the previous cars.

Bought a chinesse 250 cc bike. Makes sense living in a place where year round we are averaging 85 F. Got 75 MPG.

But since i had 2 previous accidents with the bike (all my fault, nothing very severe) i though of having a car. Wife had a 2010 ford focus with the auto transmission, the same US model, so she gave it to me.

Car is has very decent MPG (low 30´s) but thats all. In the highway it grows and runs well but i have the distinct feeling of something assembled at gunpoint,  hard plastic its everywhere, too much weight in the front. Otherwise traction is fine.

I know this was an entry-level, cheap ford vehicle, but i am reluctant to understand how bland Ford cars become with the time. Torque is not existent at any rpm under 3500, and thats the way the car it is.

I guess tighter smog restrictions made the cars more efficient, more eco-friendly, and very, very boring.

End Rant/
Other Vehicles / Re: new kid limo
Last post by Beau -
The 5100s are out of stock, at least for Expys, I've got 4600s in mine, they're not adjustable, but otherwise good to go.

The axle angle will change regardless of how it's lifted. Strut spacer, or longer shock, either way, the LCA gets pushed down and brings the spindle and thus the axle with it...I daresay one could get more lift out of a 5100 alone, than with a 3" spacer and a 4600...

While I don't have a foot of true ground clearance, I DO have over 12" under the running boards. And let me just say, I've got a knee that starting to get dodgy...long drives, leg gets stiff, then I damned near fall out, hobble around for a minute till it gets loosened up.

Never thought I'd get old and decrepit...look at me...fuckin' killin it..heh.

Nahh, all BS aside, after the bilsteins went in and the spacers, then a little later I put the Moog rear coils in, it ride so much better and doesn't feel like a plastic bag in a gale.

I do wish I had the 5100 in the rear, I could probably bring it up a tad by moving the circlip up a notch.

When the suspension is unloaded, the rear brake hoses are nearly taut...if I put a 2.5", let alone a 3" spacer back there, I'll definitely have to move the bracket down and drill a new hole and thread it to relieve some of that tension. There's enough hose to take up that slack, just the bracket hold it up higher. Mover 'er down, good to go.

Bad thing about spacers...they don't add susp travel, just total height. At least the ride itself doesn't get harsher or softer, though.

Hell of a rig, still want to find a '15+ to take for a spin to compare how different the EcoBeast feels after driving a 5.4 3v all this time LOL
Other Vehicles / Re: new kid limo
Last post by Aerocoupe -
Watch your front drive alxe angles with the spacers for a lift.  Anything more than a 2" spacer on the F150's is no bueno and the ride starts to suck.  I know you can use the Bilstein 5100's on the Expeditions like the F150's and you can rise them around 2.5 inches that way and the ride doesn't suffer and the front drive axle angle is affected as much.

I had the 5100's on all four corners of my old '14 F150 Limited and it was fantastic.  Will be doing the same thing on my '20 F150 as soon as the stockers start going to slush which is generally at the 40K to 50K mark.