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Lounge / Re: Speed of Air Pistons
Last post by Mikey97D -
Interesting Concept.  We'll have to see how it handles real world use and longevity. 

All those "edges" make me think hot spots but diesel is different.

There's been some aftermarket heads for 2 stroke bikes using different squish patterns that people often rave about giving a better combustion.
Lounge / Speed of Air Pistons
Last post by jcassity -
We have a lot of good technical engineering minds here and i wanted to know your overall impression on the new Speed of Air pistons.
Real use data heafty data points lending itself to have earned the tag "New Piston Breakthrough",, just my opinion so far.

try not to focus on cost ,, many people do not know the two most expensive phases of a project are R&D as well as Customer Ownership.  everything in between when an item hist the market lowers the costs of either end when said item is no longer the new thing on the market.

Misc Tech / Re: Distributor shaft bushings for rebuilds
Last post by jcassity -
i am diving into this area with my 351w bronco although not the same, thanks for bringing this up.  as these cars age, your host of things that can wear out or break are those things that likely nobody ever looked at before.  we will be finding things that are breaking that are'nt even on a probable faults list because it takes decades or many 100k miles before they wear out.

here i s  link i put together to bench test the dizzy out of the car for your use if you want to verify your ign system opertation prior to putting it to work in a car.  Below are *in order* part 1 thru 7.
Lounge / Re: Help with what the proper naming convention is of my ESD/Soldering mat
Last post by jcassity -
the one i have is likely 40years old,, maybe more.  the only reason there is any damage at all is because of careless use on differnt things in the past.

they are the buy once cry once kinda thing though. 

I am going to scavange ebay later tonight and see if by a small chance anyone on there is selling some.
its going to be odd though because a lot of people dont know what this kind of thing is. 
It stands up well to knife cuts as in there is no real penetrations/marks even razor blades.
Lounge / Help with what the proper naming convention is of my ESD/Soldering mat
Last post by jcassity -
Help with what the proper naming convention is of my ESD/Soldering mat

I have had an ESD/Soldering *HARD BOARD" mat in my garage since 95 when i got out of the Navy.
This was on my workbench at NAS Oceana for my entire time working micro-miniature component level repair in my avionics shop 69A.
close to the days i was a short timer, the shop was getting new ESD boards for all the soldering stations and we asked if we could have them and the shop supv said he didn't care, they were classifed as consumables.  I carried mine home and its been a real soldier at all the abuse you can imagine.  Time has finally taken its toll but its still functional and useful.... however,  I am in the market for another one to place on my newly fabricobbled dedicated electronics repair station.  I am looking on line and to my surprise, seems like everything i am finding for soldering workbench mats are all silicone.  Sounds inferior to me and not something that will stand up to my kind of standards and expectations of a proper soldering mat.

Here is a quick vid of what i have and i am looking for something like it.  My issue is i dont  know how to shop for it,, meaning i dont kno what its called believe it or not.  I am now starting to believe its BakLite with maybe a cermaic coating???  I dont know but i want to at least see if i can find another.  If anyone at all is familiar with soldering stations where there would be a hard board desk top mat and you know what they are called, chime in.  This one in my vid was also an ESD mat but its almost indistructable.

thanks in advance for any ideas or networking me with someone who may know.
see vid below
Lounge / Re: AC Power grimlin
Last post by jcassity -
interesting numbers almost if not identical to what i was getting yet you did not get shocked which i might be alble to contribute more towards the different floor conditions especially with no shock felt.  it was funny reading how you methodically safely stepped your way into a final wet finger test............ :giggle:

so i am going to carve out time to put my electronics repair bench back to the orginal problem state and see if i can capture the amps.  that part i may need to use my small buttstuffog meter to read anything.   The main reason i put so much emphisis on this is because i will be working on hot and cold chassis devices on this bench and in many cases hot components laying on this bench as well and the last thing i need is a transient screw with me.  .................... which brings me to another thread i will post in the lounge pertaining to a proper esd & soldering """HARD BOARD""" mat.  It seems this thing i have is a unicorn by 3m.
Lounge / Re: AC Power grimlin
Last post by softtouch -
Kitchen counter experiment.
6 position power strip with a  three pr0ng cord to a 2 pr0ng receptacle adapter.
The power strip ground is isolated from the receptacle ground.

Pwr strip ground:  to neutral 35.6v, to hot 48.2v,  to a screw on the oven door 36.6v
Pwr strip ground:  thru a toaster and ammeter on 20ma scale to screw on oven door 0 ma.
Pwr strip ground:  thru ammeter on 20ma scale to oven door screw 0 ma
Pwr strip ground: thru my wet finger to oven door screw, no shock

Removed the 2 pr0ng adapter, outlet ground connected to pwr strip ground.
0v between pwr strip ground and oven door screw.

Don't know whats making the o in pr0ng come to up capital or zero?
Engine Tech / Re: TWO PEICE oil pan modification & replacement.
Last post by jcassity -
not actually, i was just trying to keep my money in the family so to speak.....
No matter what , i have to solve this with either a pan or this other patch stuff by jb weld called high temp two part epoxy.

the two part stuff i used before had no temp rating and lasted for 1500 miles or so.

apparently the high temp two part jbweld is really good according to "project farm" on youtube and he does really intuitive testing on products.