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Engine Swapping / Tunnel Ram
Last post by ottoparts -
I've performed a search and only came up with 2 threads with the reference to "tunnel Ram".
Has anyone put a tunnel ram on their car? If so, do you have pictures of how far through the hood the carbs stick?

Thank you
User Rides / Re: Updates on the Red 88
Last post by Muttwood -
I have to move both cars today as I'm pretty sure I have better door glass somewhere up in my loft.
I have too much stuff in my loft !
Canadian 87 and 88 Cougars owners should contact me as I know have too much  :crazy:
User Rides / Re: Its Alive...
Last post by Aerocoupe -
Forgot to update this but tires are on the car, just burned the old gas off and put some fresh in, about done with the instrument cluster (have a thread on that), so now its down to this seat issue.

I may end up cutting the cross bar out of the hoop on the roll cage.  The seat backs rest on it and I think they are not reclined as far back as the ones in my Mustang which has the same seats and the Griggs uppers in it as well.  Have been driving the Mustang the last couple of days (temps are in the mid 80's here) which is what has me thinking its a seat recline issue.  I have an adjustable angle so I am going to measure where the Mustang seats are set and then when I get back to the Bird next weekend see where those are.  Will suck to cut the bar out but something has to give.
User Rides / Re: Updates on the Red 88
Last post by Aerocoupe -
Great work on the red car and the Firebird vert is awesome! Have a buddy that has a '73 455 HO car so his knowledge has bled ever so slightly off on me.  He would be proud I actually sort of recognized that nose trim.

Any other sheet metal replacement in the works for the Cougar?
User Rides / Re: Updates on the Red 88
Last post by Muttwood -
The window regulator/motor was missing a track and the glass had the plastic clips broken off.

Bought myself a new 1/4 inch pop rivet gun. Works well !
Other Vehicles / Re: Added another Fox to the fleet - 1985 Marquis LTS
Last post by Chuck W -
That instrument cluster looks like it would fit a 83/84 Cougar or TBird.  Would be a slick way of getting a functioning tach.

The dash is the same as the 80-82 TBirds/XR-7's.
The clusters physically fit, but there are a couple wiring changes needed.

When I had my old white 80 XR-7, I swapped an 83-84TC cluster into it. The tach worked, but I never got around to "fixing" it properly (4cyl tach on a 8cyl engine)