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87-88 Turbo Coupe

Tentatively looking for 87-88 TC preferably 5 speed prefer no sunroof and would like it to run and drive could need minor work body wise I'm not too concerned as long as its not a total rotbox and interior color anything but red. I'll deal with it if need be but I'd prefer not.

Would be interested in Sports as well!

Reasonable distance from Fort Wayne, IN



Re: 87-88 Turbo Coupe

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Bright red interior turned me off right away

Re: 87-88 Turbo Coupe

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Porno red interior on a red car, is a lot to take.

Re: 87-88 Turbo Coupe

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Yeah I love the black one!  I'm not looking for a showstopper though it would be nice. Just looking for a home for all my goodies from my car. Just wanna drive it as I build it too, so I don't go full retard like I did 10 years ago