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Electrical Tech / 88 Project XR-7 has aux power on all the time
Solved !!!

Sometimes you have to leave something alone for a few days.

The first picture is the ignition switch wire harness plug for the car with the problem.

The second is the harness on the parts car.

Do you see the difference ?

The plug on the project car is brittle and the wires are lose in the plastic plug.

When the alarm was installed, one wire was tapped.

They must have pulled it out of the socket and re-inserted it in the wrong spot.

I hope my neighbours can tolerate the parts car for a little bit longer because this car is a bit haunted by the ghosts of owners past.;)
Electrical Tech / 88 Project XR-7 has aux power on all the time
Before I get too far into this project, I need to tackle ghosts of the past.

This car had an alarm system and a "do it your self" Pioneer stereo system installed.

Now the clock is always on and both feeds to the stereo regardless of the key position.

I have removed the alarm and all traces of the wiring.

I unplugged the stereo to make sure that was not the issue.

No engine in this car as of right now, but the parts car has no engine as well and does not have this issue.

My original 88 has never had this issue.

Could a relay be stuck ?

I will keep playing with this.

My suspicion  that there is wires crossed somewhere.

Thought about changing the whole wire harness but the parts car was a digital dash so this will not work.

Any leads ?

Pun intended !
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Does anyone know this car?
Nope, but Looks to be original paint because of the stripe.
Nicely done up !
He could have done well with the seats from the other eBay listing.
But I see the seats are already sold.
Mustang seat covers are available. 
These cars (of course) were born in Ohio, so there has to be a member near that car, that can look at it for you.

Anyone ?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Door panels
I am parting out a blue 88 Cougar LS with Blue Interior.
Same panels as an 88 Thunderbird Sport.
Door panels are nice but shipping from Canada will be expensive.