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User Rides / 1987 Thunderbird LX
Not many LX cars came with leather !

Interesting, 5.0, console but it doesn't appear to be an LX sport !

I like it !

User Rides / BlueBird
Quick question,

did you need the floor shift style steering column panels ?
Engine Tech / Need help with fuel lines.
;)There is nothing wrong with overthinking !

It's the underthinking that usually gets us ;)

We would love to see pics of you car.
Lounge / Let's play spot the forum members
There is a few of the fun square bodies around Canada,

These are for sale,

This one is in the far north where they do not use salt on the roads at all,

Just too darn cold !

Body/Appearance/Interior / Learn me: painting interior trim pieces.
The problem with these things is that they are 52 inches long.
Shipping goes up at the 48 inch mark.

If found a 33% discount coupon through FedEx for the door panels,

I will keep working on this.

The funny part is, the red project car has the same parts switched out to grey.

They need to be red !

So Eric's advice is really appreciated !
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / 88 V-6 NY State $500
The good: radiator fluid flushed in February. New break lines last year. Transmission fluid is clean and red. 6 cylinder engine. 173,000 miles. Brand new battery. The bad: Exhaust has hole and gas tank has small leak, and door handle opens, but sucks. You can drive the car, and it does not require EVAP inspection. Everything's original. No rips in interior. Call or text if interested.