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Lounge / Re: RIP Lou Ottens !
Headed out for a road trip today.
Daughter wanted to come so I went down to the basement and grabbed some tapes from my wife's old collection.
User Rides / Re: 88 XR-7 Project "Save this ol car"
So I left this morning with the rest of my Blue parts to see my new friend.
The A-pillar and Door panels went to members here.
Came home 5 hours later with a load of Red for the project  :smile:;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_431c8eb60eacbded8858387bbbe1d76c;topic=40946


At this point, it looks like my blue seats are in the car he bought.
From the same area and the Car is a XR-7 with Blue LS seats

Small world.
User Rides / Re: 88 XR-7 Project "Save this ol car"
So there will defiantly be some parts sharing with my new friend.

Didn't think I would find someone so close with more 87-88 Cougars than I have  :biggrin:;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_b3e40688f82db8cf059949873a4389be;topic=40946

Lucky guy!!!  There are practically none of these cars around me......

Here is the silly part.
I use the big want add sites and forums.
My brother keeps sending me Facebook Marketplace links.
My Facebook had not been used in years.
I was viewing on my wife's page.
I had to relaunch my Facebook just to talk to the guy.
Now all my former Ford Worker buddies have found me  :P

The last pieces of that Blue interior have now found a home.
Anyone in Ontario, Canada need 87-88 parts let me know.
I think between the two of us, we can help  :smile: 
User Rides / Re: 88 XR-7 Project "Save this ol car"
Just a long awaited update,

My project ended up having head gasket problems.
I put it aside and worked on my other projects.
In the mean time, this car was actually sold 3 times over with each guy backing out  :crazy:
The last guy was a door knocker who saw it  in the laneway.
"I'll be back on Saturday with a flatbed" he said. Never saw him again  :screwy:
So it's been hiding ever since.;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_9eb21398eab539bafbe84ed99de4374a;topic=40946
Last fall I came across a very low mileage Crown Vic motor.
Covid worked in my favor as the Crown Vic car would have sure been used as a derby car, if there was a derby in 2020.;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_de43bfcf6b8dea651a8d628221115ff5;topic=40946

Found a new friend near me who is building two 88s himself, one drag, one street.

told him about the forum.

I think we will inspire each other this year  ;)

T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: 87-88 Turbo Coupe
Just showing what's out there.
I like this one and would be worth the drive.;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_fb38caf25770208e70f67e11ce58297b;topic=41130;sa=tmpattach;attach=post_tmp_6239_f05b45630d441b559d727cd9d0e106de;topic=41130