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Elgin Historical Society car show

Every year our local Thunderbird club and the Elgin Historical Society sponsor a car show. This year all the Thunderbirds parked in a line on the front lawn of the museum. My car was actually first in line next to the walk way up to the museum this year (the museum is on a hill). Oddly enough there were four (4! counting mine) Fox-bodies at this show, and only two were Mustangs!

First my car.

Nice clean 86 Continental. How often do you see one of these around? Yes the stupid sign ruins the car. It's owned by the guy who runs the show for the Elgin Historical Society.

Two Fox Mustangs. 89 LX AOD with a Explorer/GT40 intake. The rest is stock.

89 GT. T5, GT40 heads, Cobra intake, and a E303 "race cam that makes it really fast". My Thunderbird may or may not have pulled hard on this guys "race Mustang" on the highway drive home. It possibly happened ;).

88 Thunderbird LX: 306, Edelbrock Performer heads, Comp 266HR cam, Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, bunch of other stuff.

Elgin Historical Society car show

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nice car dude!