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Drivetrain Tech / Re: Axle swap
Last post by Aerocoupe -
So from what I understand (Chuck or Eric correct me here) is that the:

1) 87-88 Turbo Coupes had the 8.8 rear end that was the same housing width as the 86-98 Mustang 8.8 housing and were disc brake.
2) The 88 XR-7 Cougar had a drum brake 8.8 that was the same width as the Turbo Coupe rear end from axle flange to axle flange but the housing is the same as the 86-98 Mustang 8.8 housing and not very common.
3) There were some 87-88 Thunderbirds that had an 8.8 with drum brakes but I believe the housing was wider like the 7.5" housings.

I looked at the chart and the XR-7 is not discussed not is any type of 8.8 drum brake rear end.
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird
Last post by Chuck W -
Took apart the MS unit the other day to swap out the old serial port with the USB/serial adapter.

Checked out the ECU to make sure it connected to the laptop fine, and reinstalled the ECU and the battery.

Got it fired up a couple days ago, but haven't had a chance to get it out for a drive yet, but that's coming soon.

Ready for a new season.  :smile:
Drivetrain Tech / Re: Axle swap
Last post by JeremyB -
It's been a minute, but I'm running 99-04 axles  and SN95 solid discs in my 87 7.5" rear end.

On paper it works perfectly, but I had to put small spacers to get the disc and caliper to properly align IIRC.
Drivetrain Tech / Re: Axle swap
Last post by Chuck W -
Looking a the axle chart listed in the pinned thread in this section (HERE

I have postulated that MAYBE you could use the 99-04 axles and brake set up on your wide 7.5 housing in your Sport. The numbers are really close. At least according to the chart.

You would need to swap to the rear discs though, and your flange to flange width would be 1.5" wider.
This is all just a guess though.

If you're keeping the drums, you'll need to either have your current axles converted to 5-lug or buy new, custom ones and use some Ranger drums.

94-98 Axles won't work in your wide housing. The bearing surfaces are in the wrong location. If your car was an 83-85, you'd have the narrow housing that would work with the 94-98 axles.

Drivetrain Tech / Re: Axle swap
Last post by Beau -
Yup, what Darren said. I know it sucks, but really, any rear from '94-98 will yield the axles you want. AFAIK, the brakes are the same across all those years, so what you already have harvested will do for you. (I'd probably spring for remanned rear calipers, when those shits seize, they're a pain, unless you have the stuff to take 'em apart and know how)..

I had/have what amounts to the same setup on both my Thunderbird and now on my '87 Mustang. Up front is the dual piston calipers,

On my 'Bird I had a bastard setup....used the stock Tbird Sport's backing plates, '97 Stang V6 axles (again, no matter if it's V6 or V8, the shafts themselves are the same), but I kept that car drums, and used Mercury Marquis drums, these were 10" drums and not the usual 9". With that setup, I HAD to have the Sport's back plates, all others were 9" drums, so....there's *probably* a way, but with all the Mustang shit in the yards now, no reason not to step up to dscs. I just did it to see if it could be done.

Now in my Mustang, I ran Ranger axles and kept the stock drums. There was no way to make a hybrid system as the axles are too short for that setup.

When I get the T5 rebuilt, I'll probably be swapping to discs and throwing a 3.73 in with a new Trac Lok.

BTW, if you've not ran the PBR calipers yet, holy shit, you'll feel like you're going to leave your teeth in the steering wheel.. LOL
Drivetrain Tech / Re: Axle swap
Last post by Aerocoupe -
Nope.  You need the 94-98 axles to keep the stock flange to flange measurement.  The front brakes are a nice upgrade being they have the dual piston caliper.  If you snagged the spindles they are not ideal on a stock k-member car due to their geometry but that can be dealt with via a bump steer kit.  I opted to go with the 96+ spindles on my stock k-member car as I knew a tubular k-member was going to happen and did not want to try and scrape up a set of the 94-95 spindles.

You do realize that the 94-98 GT and V6 cars have the exact same brakes, right?  In the rear the axles, brackets, dust shields, and calipers are the same.  Only difference is the housing in that one is for the 7.5 ring gear and the other is for the 8.8 ring gear.  As for the front they are straight across the same.  I pulled both my swaps from V6 cars being I already had the 8.8 housings and was converting from drum brakes.
Drivetrain Tech / Axle swap
Last post by count -
OK I know this horse been beat to death but let’s beat it a different way.  I recently want to a u pull it salvage yard I spent the day collecting calibers rotors brackets spindles hubs I guess you can see where I’m going with this yeah I was collecting for a 4-5 lug conversion it was going good until when I realized Man these axles are a little bit long.  this is  mustang is not the 96 8.8 V8 I came for but the 1999
Why I didn’t notice the Dual caliber, I don’t know.
But my question is can I still use this axles (30.75)length in my 88 sport.  ( that salvage yard and hour drive and I would rather not make the trip again if I don’t have too plus a lot of seized bolts)
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Last post by Clayton -
Cars and coffee this morning, I got there pretty early but there were over 100 cars out there today. It was crazy.