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User Rides / Re: '86 Tbird 5.0 Build - A Long Process
Just to put some input on this, I did the mod to have the speedo go to 199 mph, and I think it worked. My speedo used to stop at 80, and I got her up to 85 on the freeway with no issues.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / FROM FLORIDA Blue 4-Eyed Tbird For Sale 1985?
Found this incredibly base blue tbird for sale in Morley, MI at a small, rural dealership of all places. Body is pretty solid, it's a base V6 car that has all manual options, no power mirrors, power windows, etc. Even has a quartz clock. Also not optioned with the passenger mirror which is cool. Interior is in nearly mint condition. Has a Florida dealership sticker on the back. I'm not sure on the asking price.
Electrical Tech / Re: Dash Not Getting Data! Please Help!
Yeah I'm afraid I might have to do that. I just didn't want the trouble of actually finding another one since they're pretty rare and kind of expensive to buy one. I've seen a couple on eBay awhile ago. But at this point it might be the cheapeat option as taking it back might cost another 150, who knows. And the speedo switching is a good idea, thanks, I was wondering if I could do that.
Electrical Tech / Re: Dash Not Getting Data! Please Help!
UPDATE: After taking my dash to a reputable dash repair-man, I have no results. My third pod is still not getting any data, it's all blank and only the lights behind it work. I'm gonna contact the guy again and see if he can do anything more, but if you guys have any suggestions, shoot me something! I just spent 150 bucks with no results.
Drivetrain Tech / Re: Used Diff Gear and LSD Installation
Sweet, thanks for that tip. I guess I'll do a little more research on an 8.8 and TC swap and see if it's something I'd be willing to take on, I did do some research on it maybe a year ago and at that time thought it was a little much, but maybe I'll look again and see what happens.
User Rides / '86 Tbird 5.0 Build - A Long Process
I FINALLY am able to drive my car! It's still a build in progress, but my foundation is there. Just got it back from the shop with a full catless dual exhaust with Jones mufflers that sound epic.

What I have done so far engine-wise:
-Trick Flow 170 Heads
-GT40 Intake
-65mm Throttle Body and EGR
-1.7 Ford Racing Rockers
-Manley 6.700 Pushrods
-Cold Air Intake
-Screamin' Demon Coil
-Accel 8mm Plug Wires
-130 amp alternator
-BBK underdrive pulleys

The car sounds tight, and I'm very happy with the build as it's my first build I have tackled on my own. I've noticed so far that my higher RPMs seem to have quite a bit more power, but it seems to bog down/lose power or something once in awhile at lower RPMs. I would assume this is lack of fuel as I didn't do any fuel mods to the car and now it has a lot more air of course. I have bought but not yet installed Ford Racing 24lb injectors and an adjustable regulator and I have yet to get a fuel pump, and I will be doing this next year.
Drivetrain Tech / Re: Used Diff Gear and LSD Installation
Hmm I guess I didn't think about the TC swap. I was just worried about biting off more than I could chew with a rear swap, especially if I had to change around axles, brake lines, etc. That's what frightened me away from a Mustang 8.8 swap.
Drivetrain Tech / Re: Used Diff Gear and LSD Installation
Those are the pics I could get of the gears and LSD. I'm not too familiar with differentials on how they go together, so I assumed it was a clutch style, maybe not. I figured if it was a clutch style I could rebuild it myself depending on the difficulty of it, I looked it up and it didn't seem TOO bad. I'm gonna have somone else install the gears and LSD in my car though, that's too much work for me.
Drivetrain Tech / Used Diff Gear and LSD Installation
I recently came across a pretty good deal for a used set of 3.73 gears and LSD for a Ford 7.5, and I've been wanting a set for awhile now, but haven't been sure if it would be cheaper to buy a used set to rebuild or buy a new set. If I could find a brand new Ford Racing set of 7.5 gears, that'd be fantastic, but they're super rare. So right now, I'd like to see what would be the best option price-wise. Also, what would be necessary to rebuild and install the gears and LSD? I could get a Ford Racing 7.5 Ring Gear and Pinion Install Kit, would that be enough to rebuild the set or would I need something else to rebuild the LSD?