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LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / FROM FLORIDA Blue 4-Eyed Tbird For Sale 1985?
Found this incredibly base blue tbird for sale in Morley, MI at a small, rural dealership of all places. Body is pretty solid, it's a base V6 car that has all manual options, no power mirrors, power windows, etc. Even has a quartz clock. Also not optioned with the passenger mirror which is cool. Interior is in nearly mint condition. Has a Florida dealership sticker on the back. I'm not sure on the asking price.
User Rides / '86 Tbird 5.0 Build - A Long Process
I FINALLY am able to drive my car! It's still a build in progress, but my foundation is there. Just got it back from the shop with a full catless dual exhaust with Jones mufflers that sound epic.

What I have done so far engine-wise:
-Trick Flow 170 Heads
-GT40 Intake
-65mm Throttle Body and EGR
-1.7 Ford Racing Rockers
-Manley 6.700 Pushrods
-Cold Air Intake
-Screamin' Demon Coil
-Accel 8mm Plug Wires
-130 amp alternator
-BBK underdrive pulleys

The car sounds tight, and I'm very happy with the build as it's my first build I have tackled on my own. I've noticed so far that my higher RPMs seem to have quite a bit more power, but it seems to bog down/lose power or something once in awhile at lower RPMs. I would assume this is lack of fuel as I didn't do any fuel mods to the car and now it has a lot more air of course. I have bought but not yet installed Ford Racing 24lb injectors and an adjustable regulator and I have yet to get a fuel pump, and I will be doing this next year.
Drivetrain Tech / Used Diff Gear and LSD Installation
I recently came across a pretty good deal for a used set of 3.73 gears and LSD for a Ford 7.5, and I've been wanting a set for awhile now, but haven't been sure if it would be cheaper to buy a used set to rebuild or buy a new set. If I could find a brand new Ford Racing set of 7.5 gears, that'd be fantastic, but they're super rare. So right now, I'd like to see what would be the best option price-wise. Also, what would be necessary to rebuild and install the gears and LSD? I could get a Ford Racing 7.5 Ring Gear and Pinion Install Kit, would that be enough to rebuild the set or would I need something else to rebuild the LSD?
Engine Tech / 1.72 Roller Rockers
I don't mean to keep posting stupid topics and I didn't want to post another one, but I can't get a consensus on this.

I'm installing Trick Flow 170s, and I bought a set of brand new Ford Racing 1.6 roller rockers. Unfortuneately, I was sent the 1.72 ratio rockers instead. Will this be alright on my stock cam without clearance issues? I don't want to open the box which is why I ask just in case they won't work. But if I got more lift and power, then great! Eventually, I would like to get a Trick Flow Stage 1 cam as well. Of course I'll check PTV when that time comes (a few years), but I would like to know now if they'd work so I don't have to buy another set in the future. These Ford Racing rockers are hard to find new, and I'd prefer these over others.
Engine Tech / Lower Intake Manifold Bolts/Studs
So I removed my stock lower intake, and there are 4 studs and the rest are bolts. I want to buy a quality aftermarket bolt kit, such as ARP, but the kits I find only have one stud included. Of course, these are for a 5.0 1986-1993 mustang, and I would imagine they fit, but would it be ok to just have the one stud and the rest bolts? Or could I go all studs? For the life of me, I can't remember what each stud was connected to, I know one is for the heater tube or whatever. And what kit would you guys recommend? I really wouldn't want to spend more than 50 bucks on a set.

Also if anyone happens to be interested, I'm trying to sell quite a few of the original top end parts.
Engine Tech / Radiator Hoses/Cooling
This seems like kind of a dumb question, but I can't seem to find the answer and thought I'd double check. Should a radiator hose kit meant for a 1986-1993 5.0 fit on a 1986 Thunderbird 5.0 SO? Also what heavy duty thermostat would you guys recommend for replacing my stock unit? Mine has worked flawlessly and I've never had any cooling issues, but I'm in the process of tearing my engine down and doing some mods so I thought I might as well buy a new heavy duty one.

Electrical Tech / Dash Not Getting Data! Please Help!
I recently got down to business fixing my full digital dash. Last year I replaced the speedo bulb cause it blew and went dark, and everything since then has been fine. Since today. All of sudden my speedo is not completely dark but is more dull then the other parts of the cluster. Checked the bulbs and they were fine. So while it was out i decided to do the 199 mph speedo mod and that went smoothly. I plugged it back in, and the speedo is still dull and now the whole right side of my dash doesnt have any readings. The right side is the one with the miles to empty and stuff. Its lit up but nothing shows up. The wiring seems ok and everythings plugged in. However, the voltage tape stuff that runs from the speedo to the right part of the dash is crimped and partially coming apart. Do you guys think this could cause the issue or is it something else?   I also replaced two of my fuses cause someone put the wrong ones in them. And all the fuses seem fine cause everything in the car is working fine besides the one part of the dash. Sorry for the long post but I really want to figure out this issue!
Engine Tech / VERY Cheap E7TE Heads Found
So originally I never intended to go this route...but I found a super cheap set of e7te heads for sale. I know most people regard these as no more than paperweights, but obviously better than stock 5.0 SO heads. I have convinced myself to go aluminum a long time ago, but these heads are very tempting. My original setup was gonna be Trick Flow heads and stage 1 cam with gt40 intake, mass air conversion, etc etc. But what about a set of e7te's built to what i want, which would be 1.6 roller rockers, ported, etc? Could it be worth to buy and build them to what i want or just wait to go aluminum?
Drivetrain Tech / Shift Kits and Valve Bodies
I have been researching on valve bodies and shift kits for awhile, and I am now in a spot where I need some assistance. I want a shift kit for better shifts, performance, etc., and there are A LOT of options. Right now, I'd really like to buy from Performance Automatic or SilverFox, and I see that both offer the valvebodies that have the" HOLD" feature for 1st and 2nd gear. So my question is do any of these companies or another company offer a regular shift kit WITHOUT the valve body that features the HOLD pattern? If not, would it be alright to buy a shift kit by itself and do the epoxy mod? The reason being is I dont want to buy a whole new valve body due to the cost of them, I'm a college student trying to save money afterall. Another question I have is will any of the kits I want keep the car from shifting into overdrive/4th gear just like it does with the stock valve body? I really dont want the car shifting into overdrive when Im at WOT for obvious reasons.

Thanks guys!
Engine Tech / Having Trouble with Accelerator/Throttle Cable
Hello, I recently installed a Pioneer 9033 accelerator cable on my 86 bird 5.0. It took many attempts to get the right cable, and I got pretty frustrated with finding the right one, and now that I have it installed, it seems to be the same as it was before. The pedal seems harder to kick down as it should be, and there is lots of play. The cable definitely seems to be the right length. I based my knowledge that I needed a new one from having the same characteristics that was said on the coolcats website. My old cable looked exactly like the picture, and now the new one looks the same. Please help! Thanks
Engine Tech / Building GT40 Heads
Hello, I am fairly new at engine building, and I have been considering buying some GT40 heads for my 5.0 bird, but I would like to know the best way to build them. What valves, pushrods, rocker arms, etc. should I use that would be proper for my bird? Would I re-use everything from the stock heads? And are roller rockers a good investment? I want to do a Mid-Output type conversion, maybe eventually a full HO conversion.  Thanks!