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Exhaust / Fuel Filter Relocation for Dual Exhaust '86 Bird 5.0 AOD.
Does anyone have a pic of where you relocated the fuel filter for a single to dual exhaust mod? I had read at one time that someone moved the filter to the other side of the frame rail. It appears the only space on the other side is forward of where the filter currently resides and there doesn't appear to be much slack in the fuel lines to get there.
Suspension/Steering / Inner Tie Rod Ends Shot on Wonderbird
I suppose I should have expected it. Had the front wheel off experimenting with various spacers and felt some play in the steering. Sure enough, inner tie rod ends are shot. I decided to take the opportunity and change the ratio with a turbo coupe rack & pinion vs. just changing the inner tie rods. The 140K rack also seeps fluid so it makes $$ sense to change it all out, including the outer tie rod ends. My new SN95 struts and springs are in my shop also, so it looks like a new front end if I throw in the lower ball joints on top of it all.

Will I need the MM adjustable camber plates with the SN95 springs??
Engine Tech / Best Fit Electric Fan
I've read quite few posts on the forum regarding electric fan conversions. It appears Taurus, Contour, Fusion, Escort and aftermarket fans have been used with success. Is there a particular fan and shroud assembly that fits the shape of our radiators better than another? Taurus fans seem popular however, they can differ somewhat depending on the model year based on the two Taurus's I have owned. My application is a 5 liter/AOD w/air.

Appreciate any advise as I want to avoid a major fab project.
Electrical Tech / Tail Lights Sporatic Function.
Since I bought my 86 Elan, I have experienced intermittent tail light faults that illuminate the idiot light on the panel. Since I got back from the body shop, I decided to replace all of the tail/brake lamps at once, since I had previously done the same in the front while the car was in the shop. I found all of the filaments intact however, the contacts on all the lamps were severely pitted! Looked similar to arc burning. Went to Walmart and low and behold, they stocked the 1156 and 1157 Sylvania lamps. Cheap fix.

I guess it was to be expected after 31 years. I think I'll do the same on all of my instrument lights that also experience random issues with going dark.
Drivetrain Tech / Getting the Feel of My New 8.8 3.73's
Driving Wonderbird home from the body shop gave me a chance to get the feel of my new rear end and tire combo. It was totally different than what I expected.

The 3.73 gears did NOTHING to improve the anemic acceleration provided by the stock 86 5.0 EFI. I realized that the taller tires would cut the gear down a bit, but honestly, it accelerates no better than it did with the 3.08's although timing equipment would likely say otherwise. I have no doubt I could beat this car in the quarter mile with my 2014 Focus 5 speed stick. If there is any improvement, it is throttle response when in OD. So much for the bad.

The 17" wheels and tall 2006 Mustang GT tires gave the car an impressive ride. Much better than with the old 14's. I expected just the opposite. Perhaps the new rear springs and Sachs shocks helped somewhat, but this car rides very well. My new SN95 springs and Sachs struts just arrived today for the front end (hoping for a 1.0" or 1.5" drop). The car sits a bit high in the front with the new tire/wheel combo, but the rear didn't change at all with the new rear springs, which is good. It STILL has a bit of the dreaded Thunderbird/Cougar lean, but not so pronounced as before.

Next, the BBK shorty headers, off road H pipe and 2.5" duals will be installed.
Events & Shows / Maverick/Comet/Pinto/Bobcat Picnic and Show. Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio
I know they are not fox T Birds or Cats, but they are still Fords and Mercurys that you may like or have in your garage.

On August 19th, Pinto/Bobcat and Maverick/Comet owners meet at Chops restaurant on SR 534 in Geneva, Ohio at 10:00A and thereafter are given a police escort through Geneva-on-the-Lake to lakeside park. The cars line up at the park for a show and picnic with music and prizes. All proceeds go to the Wounded Warriors, so it is a great cause! I attended the first year with my Maverick and since then, attendance keeps growing (despite my being there).

If you live in the NE Ohio or Western PA areas, it is well worth the trip.

P.S.: I will be taking Wonderbird this year if it is ready. Another Bird or Cat might make this interesting, since the picnic started out as a Pinto only event.
User Rides / Wonderbird Get's Her Silver Makeup
I know it is a bit boring with all of the trim, moldings and bumpers stripped off, but this is Wonderbird coming out of the paint booth with a fresh coat of Ford Ingot Silver Metallic Clearcoat.

Putting it all back together this week. Next, the SN95 Mustang 8.8 and the Griggs Racing subframe connectors go in. After that, the 17" Mustang OEM Bullitts and Firestone Indy 500's. The door is ajar in the pic, that is why it does not align.

This car came from Oregon and had zero rust issues, even after we pulled all of the bumpers, trim and other body parts off. The problem was, it was dinged by every car door in Oregon!
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 7.5 Rear out of 86 Elan. Free to a Forum Member
I will shortly be removing my 7.5' 3.08 rear end out of my 86 Thunderbird Elan. The car is from Oregon and as such, there is little rust on it. Mileage is 140,000 mostly highway miles. It does not make any noise whatsoever.

I'm offering it free to any forum member who lives in NE Ohio or Western PA who wishes to pick it up. I don't need it cluttering up my shop.

Send PM if interested.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Cassette Holder Delete
My 86 Elan has a cassette holder which is pretty useless to me. I would like some additional storage and was thinking about replacing the cassette holder with a box of sorts that could hold small items. Has anyone done this? I'm used to having storage for small junk on my other cars between the seats.
Electrical Tech / 83-86 Headlight Replacement with LEDs
Has anyone replaced their stock 83-86 Thunderbird headlights with LEDs? My stock headlights are various shades of clear to not so clear and I'm looking for a more uniform look with something that pulls fewer amps.