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Suspension/Steering / Actual sweet spot on shocks/struts?
Where is the actual sweet spot on a shock or strut. Is it actually at the half way point of travel? How much on either side  of this point is still within range?  Example. If a shock has 6" of travel, is the sweet spot midway at 3" ?  If so, how much on each side of this 3" measurement is still within the sweet spot? Would 1" or 2" on each side still be acceptable? What if a car is lowered 2"? Are the shocks still ideal or should their mounting position be relocated to accommodate that " sweet spot" ?
At The Track / NEW SHIRT.
Finally found a shirt that says what I've been doing for 40 years with the Comet.... :biggrin:
Drivetrain Tech / 84 Cougar rear rubber brake line alternative.
On my 84, I still have the rear break line running along the passenger side frame rail. I bought the DOT stainless braided kit for a Mustang as no one listed one for the Cougar/Tbird. The kit fit perfect on the front but the back line was for the Mustangs hard line running along the tunnel top to the top of the rear end. I dont want to relocate my existing line. Has anyone found a solution to this senerio that they want to share on what parts they used?
Drivetrain Tech / What pinion angle to use on 84 cougar?
I'm chasing a drive line vibration which I suspect could be caused by the pinion angle being off. I have the lower arms with the eccentric adjustable oval bushings. When I rebuilt the entire rear end suspension and added lowering springs, I may have not set the angle correctly.  Any one have pinion angle specs for an 84 Cougar?
Body/Appearance/Interior / 84 front seat back latch
Are the front seat backs supposed to be latched until you unlatch them manually, or are they inertia activated? When I brake hard, the passenger seat back comes forward. I've had upholstery work done and don't know if something is off.      Thanks
Suspension/Steering / What alignment specs?
I've lowered my 84 approx 1.5"s front and back and did the 88 Mustang front brake swap. I had the car aligned years ago after the swap using stock 84 specs and the car came out perfect. Recently, the tires are showing outside edge wear. I want to correct this before I put new BF Goodrich Comps on. What specs do I use and can they be achieved without CC plates? If I need the plates, I'll order a set from MM.
Misc Tech / 84 motor mounts
Who is using what for performance motor mounts? All the searching I've done indicates the're unique to 84. I bought an Energy kit for a fox mustang from a guy who sold his car before he installed them,and apparently they won't fit according to my research.
Misc Tech / Mustang vs Cougar/T bird fox exhaust.
Does anyone know if aftermarket exhaust from a fox Mustang will fit a fox Cougar? I'd like to replace my over the axel pipes. I have OEM replacements on there now but they are 2.25". The rest of my system is 2.5 stainless. I know the tail pipes are shorter on the Mustang,  but I already have the proper length and size on there now so that is not an issue. Shorties to that point are a Pypes stainless system for a fox Mustang.
Suspension/Steering / Updated spindles. Which alignment specs?
A few years back, I did the 11" brake upgrade on my 84 Cougar. I used spindles and rotors from an 88 LX as well as a new complete poly bushing kit to tighten things up. When I did the alignment, I had the tech use the specs for an 84 Cougar and he remarked on how close the results were after the swap. I recently noticed outside tire wear on my 225/50/16s fronts. Before I get new tires, I want to resolve this issue.
What specs should I be using.......84 Cougar or 88 Mustang?
Drivetrain Tech / Blunt question on axel swap.
Just to verify,will a 5 bolt axle from a 94 to 98 Mustang swap easily into my 84 Cougar 8.8 if I re-drill the drums to 5 hole? From the axle chart on this forum it looks too simple. Did I miss something?