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Engine Tech / Re: Holley Terminator X
Forum won't let me quote Aerocoupe. Odd...

I think the OEM ECU is still the tits. From a basic ECU standpoint it still kicks the piss out of any aftermarket system.
However, the physical ECUs are getting old and in shorter supply. Ford isn't making all of the connectors to be able to make a OEM-type new harness from scratch. You could still use COTS connectors and make a new harness, but that's quite a pain. I'm leaning towards going full aftermarket. I just don't want to deal with 32+ year old electronics when there are other options.

I'm in agreement about the EEC-IV. The only aftermarket system I think is close is from Pro-M. It uses a new Ford processor, is OBD-II compliant, and includes a new harness. The two things that keep me from switching are cost ($2K) and I'm pretty sure it's not plug and play for our cars like on a Fox Mustang.
Suspension/Steering / Re: Springs for V8
Looks good. Sits about like my car, which is surprising considering you have iron heads in your car and mine has aluminum. It's probably the AOD in my car weighing it down. 
User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Nice adjustment.

Is that the final ride height in the front or is it going slightly lower (obviously the rear will be a little higher).
Suspension/Steering / Re: Springs for V8
I used springs from a 98 V8 GT all around on my car. With aluminum heads the front dropped a little over an inch. The rear dropped waaaay down. I had to crank the adjusters on the Maximum Motorsports rear control arms about half way up to level the car out.
User Rides / Re: Back in a fox. 1988 Turbo Coupe. The life journal.

I've thought about the EL sheets before. The "indiglo" gauges were a HUGE trend in the early 2000's. Most were that blue-teal color and I was never really a fan. I don't really want to change the color or go too crazy. The hot spots aren't noticeable at all, I just want to add a little "saturation" to the green without making everything green.

I believe there is a green color that's pretty close to the factory color. I think it would look pretty neat. Not factory but neat.

I'm waiting for the "pop a screen in and make what ever you want" aftermarket cluster, so we can have something like newer cars. I figure someone will make it for a Fox Mustang and we can just adapt it. Something with 0-60 and quarter mile times built in.
User Rides / Re: Back in a fox. 1988 Turbo Coupe. The life journal.
Captive market. When they have little competition there is no reason for them to have great customer service. They know you'll have to come to them either way.

Cluster looks nice. I've wondered how it would look if an electroluminescent sheet was used to light it. Bring a little modern look to it. Plus no hot spots from bulbs/LEDs.
User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Looks awesome.

Still using the stock steel driveshaft I see.
User Rides / Re: BlueBird
Turn the height adjusters down on the control arms and you'll be good  ;) .

Sits pretty nice as is though.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Re: Chrome on Side moldings
It's holding up great. Still looks like when I applied it. A caveat: my car lives in a garage (sometimes also under a cover) when not in use, is washed with water twice a year (the rest of the time is quick detailer or waterless wash), and lives a pretty pampered life. If you car doesn't it might not last as long. If/when the 3M tape goes bad I'd get a vinyl graphics shop to cut me a 1/2" diameter roll of chrome automotive vinyl and use that.

Maybe I should just go with this instead?  Think it would hold up better?

Edit.  I pulled the trigger on the above link product, well see how it goes. 

Does it come in chrome?