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User Rides / Re: New Addition
A little more progress this past weekend.  I had the rear metal bumper and absorbers powder coated several weeks ago.  Got that all reinstalled along with the repainted rear bumper (making the trim body color).  I'm replacing the "Cougar" reflector on the driver's side tail light and then that will go back on.  I should have from the trunk back done at that point. 
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Well, got the white down ... gonna wait a few days to do the clear.  Sorry, I'm sure the pictures between the gray primer and the white paint don't look a whole lot different ... ha!
User Rides / Re: New Addition
I took the bumpers off to have the moldings painted body color.  There were some exposed primer areas back around the taillights ... the car had a repaint on it at some point and whoever did it got a little sloppy.  Decided to clean that up as well.  Better shot of the "modified" third brake light.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
The wet sanding took a lot of time, but I can't complain for a DIY rattle can job.  It looks way better than it did for sure.  Moved out back and installed the "modified" third brake light.  I wasn't overly fond of the stock add-on Ford unit ... it's a little too bulbous hanging out on top of the trunk back there.  Replaced it with a unit from a Porsche 944 of all things.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Looking really nice man!  You are inspiring me to get the TC inner bumper, Marchal driving lights, and TC bumper cover.  Had the inner bumper and Marchal brackets powder coated like yours and just need to finish restoring the driving lights.

Have you given any consideration to what bulbs you are going to run in the driving lights? I have looked for an LED replacement but the only ones I have seen have a terrible beam pattern to the point is it scattered and it actually puts out less usable light due to this.

Guy on Youtube did a comparison and talks about beam pattern.  Too bad they don't pattern very well as they produce less heat and thusly consume less power.

Thanks.  Right now, the bulbs in the convertible are all stock.  I converted the interior to LED in my '85 about two years ago ... still need to do the exterior.  You're correct though, there aren't many LED options out there to replace the Marchal H2 bulb with.  The one from the Youtube video is the only one I have seen thus far as well.  What's interesting is, it looks like they just took another LED bulb and put it into an H2 base ... this leads me to believe that you could probably experiment with some other bulbs to basically "build" your own.  I plan on keeping the Marchals on both cars so I might experiment with the ones on the '85 at some point.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Kudos to you for saving it!

Thanks ... gonna take me awhile!

I'm over on the driver's side now dealing with a similar issue.  Master cylinder / brake booster leak basically ate up all the paint back in that corner.  Got it all cleaned up and treated, hoping to make some headway on the painting in the next few days.  Luckily, having been an Arizona and Texas car, that's about the extent of the corrosion.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Cleaned up the wiring and other bits, replaced the battery tray (old/original was broken and brittle), powder coated a bunch of small pieces black, added the Turbo/XR7 face bar, fog lights, and clear corners.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Primed ... painted ... cleared ... carried it around to the core support since that was looking a little worse for wear as well.
User Rides / Re: New Addition
Been a slow go, but making some progress.  Found some lovely corrosion in/around/under the battery tray area ... the car sat for the better part of the last 20 years so I assume whatever battery was in there probably leached acid at some point.  Got to work on cleaning it up.  Wire wheeled it down to bare metal, treated it, etched it, and coated it with POR15.
User Rides / Re: Cats
Molding removed and rear quarter window finally "close" ... after the 100th try ... ha!
User Rides / Re: Cats
Good looking cars.

How is the convertible coming along?


The convertible is coming along ... slowly ... often feels like one step forward and two steps back.

I should be getting the front back from the body shop next week.  The header panel had a crack in it to be repaired and I'm switching the bumper out to the XR7 style and adding the Machal fog lights.  I'm also switching to the wide body moldings in body color.

The real chore has been the rear quarter windows ... I probably lost a solid three months of time playing with them and trying to get them to line up.  I have the tracks out at a machine shop right now to get some mounting holes slotted.  This will hopefully give me a little more adjustability.
User Rides / Cats
Pretty nice day the other day, especially for late December.  One cat made it outside for a little ... the other ... well ... not so much ...