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Suspension/Steering / Re: Actual sweet spot on shocks/struts?
Bringing this back from the dead as I’m due for new struts.  Here goes. The car in question is......

84 Cougar, 88 Mustang spindles/ brakes ,and springs that lowered the car 2”.

The question is....

Will SN -95 struts be the perfect solution?

I’ve searched and I get mostly answers for an 88 or the issues with the spacers. According to my research on the dimensions, the SN - 95 seems to fit the bill.
Electrical Tech / Re: PMGR Starter Issue
Disconnect the start wire to the starter, tape it up and run a temporary jumper wire in it's place to the battery area. When all clear, just touch the wire to the + post and see if the starter works.
User Rides / Re: Chuck's '83 TBird

The other issue is that the HI beams are blowing their 20A (mini) fuse whenever I turn them on. Not using anything crazy for the bulbs, but I may need to step of the fuse to a 25A, as it might be the start that's the issue. Everything else works OK.

Lighting is just about wrapped up.

You would be better off doing the relay mod to run the headlights. I did and it's relatively easy.
Suspension/Steering / Actual sweet spot on shocks/struts?
Where is the actual sweet spot on a shock or strut. Is it actually at the half way point of travel? How much on either side  of this point is still within range?  Example. If a shock has 6" of travel, is the sweet spot midway at 3" ?  If so, how much on each side of this 3" measurement is still within the sweet spot? Would 1" or 2" on each side still be acceptable? What if a car is lowered 2"? Are the shocks still ideal or should their mounting position be relocated to accommodate that " sweet spot" ?
Engine Tech / Re: 83 External Fuel Pump?
Is there a high flowing fuel pump for the 83 dual pump setup?  I have a 5.0ho with a stock 83 turbo coupe fuel system, at 5000rpm It seems like it just runs out of fuel won’t rev past that.  Do I need to change the in tank pump also or can I get by with just a higher flowing external pump?
Sounds more like valve float. I run the stock dual pumps on my mild carbed 5.0 HO and spin to 6300 with ease.
Engine Tech / Re: 85 5.0 roller ready?
Doubtful. I assume that you have a CFI engine which is a simple low output 5.0. I'm basing my opinion on my 84 Cougar having the fore mentioned set up.  I simply bought a rusted out parts car (88 mustang lx) with a great low mile drive train (5.0, T-5 , 8.8 ) and trans planted all of it. Much cheaper than modding what you've got. You can still keep your AOD if you wish.