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90 Mustang GT + ALL PARTS I have

For sale I have a 1990 Mustang GT.  Clean title.  Purchaser MUST take entire + all parts.  I am moving a fair distance from my current location, and cannot/will not take this stuff with me.  Anything not taken with purchaser will be thrown out.  I have an album of the car and parts here:

I will add more images as time permits.

Included in this sale are:  '90 Mustang GT(best suited for parts, runs/drives, has 4 cyl. T-5 but does NOT have proper pilot bearing.  While it does drive, it is NOT suitable for road use, needs work to floors, has no interior, improper pilot bearing.  This car was destined for race car duty but moving south has hampered such plans,has good engine, rear, rust free doors, decent windows, and other parts.), '91 LX front(good condition header panel), rear bumpers, fenders(fixable), passenger door(fixable, no rust), 2 LX hatches(no rust), hood(dent but fixable, no rust),  K-member with LCA's and brakes  (OR 2.3T K-member with Engine, GOOD T-5, LA3 EEC-IV, and wire harness for addition cost.), NEW head light kit, NEW sub-frame connectors, NEW SVO front calipers, good GT fenders with GOOD splash shields, THREE sets of wheels(all need tires[1 set Turbines, 1 set Pony wheels, and 1 set in pics{don't know origin or brand, but fit all Fox vehicles I have put them on perfectly, they are 17" wheels}]), and whatever other parts I find.

If I remember/find other parts, I will add them here.  I'm moving cross country, I cannot take these with me.  That said I know what these parts are worth and am being very modest with pricing.  I'm firm on my price as only a few of these items would fetch the asking price. 

This ad is being posted on several selling platforms(craigslist, letgo, etc...), BUT only here will I help out anyone interested in buying.  I.E.  I'm willing to help deliver car/parts to anyone interested in buying from this forum.  Please PM me here if you see this and are interested.

I'm asking $1000 for everything I have.  If the buyer comes from this forum, I'll include anything and everything I have that I find, that I have for our cars and for the Fox body Mustang.  Thank you for looking.

90 Mustang GT + ALL PARTS I have

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what are those wheels "Called" in the land of mustangs?

90 Mustang GT + ALL PARTS I have

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I don't know.  No body has been able to identify them.  I don't know the brand or any specs other than they are 17"

90 Mustang GT + ALL PARTS I have

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Quote from: jcassity;461440
what are those wheels "Called" in the land of mustangs?

Ugly :mullet:
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90 Mustang GT + ALL PARTS I have

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Car and parts have been sold.