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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: 87/88 hydraulic clutch fork
Last post by Aerocoupe -
Is this the clutch fork you are looking for?
Misc Tech / New Oil Fill Cap doesnt fit thanks to rubber sealing ring diameter
Last post by Ductape91 -
So i stopped by to tinker on the tbird for a little bit and throw some of the parts i bought for it on.
I bought a nos oil fill cap w/hose to replace the completely petrified original one it had, like bending steel tubing which i had to remove everytime i went to dig into the carb thing and finally got annoying enough to replace it.

The "new" one is the more familiar black bulky one with yellow ring on it. The original is a yellow flat one. I cut the tube to install the inline filter(new) on it like the original and went to install it.
So for clarity i have an 83 with the plastic valve covers instead of the steel ones and they list these things as 83-87, there is no way that wouldve fit on there without breaking the valve cover from trying to push it down on it because of the rubber ring being thicker than the one on the yellow cap.
The cap diameters and slot locations and thickness all look the same and in the same place, just the rubber seal is much thicker.
Im sure age and compression flattened the original "some" but i couldnt even see the tab slots on the new cap with it on. I took it off and installed the old one from the original on it and it went right on, no slop or play. Wouldve liked to replace that but its not going to happen at that diameter. For all intents and purposes im assuming the rubber ring is correct for it and original to it.
Inspecting the new rubber to see if its swollen and doesnt appear to be.
I didnt have my phone to snap pics but next time im there ill take some of the difference between them.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: HO Upgrade
Last post by Beau -
I'd think honestly, to get the most, may as well swap in an Explorer engine, change the cam (would have to anyway, regardless), you'd already have the best iron heads, would still need valve springs, even with an HO cam, and finsh it off with a decent exhaust, and what...300 horses, what with an E cam, and the explorer intake?

You'd need to stab a distributor in it, the exploders had dist-less ignition, but the block still has provisions for it.

I started mine with an HO bottom end from a V8 stang...were I to do it again, I'd go with the Explorer engine. Stille the same work, but ten years newer (at least) on the bottom end, and probably less

Anywho, I wonder if OP will follow up. I have no need for these HO parts, he's welcome to 'em.

I *might* even have a set of EFI fuel lines...I'd have to check. Honestly don't know what I have for Tbird stuff, left, anymore..
Engine Tech / Re: 3.8 v6 Carb Questions, Options?
Last post by Ductape91 -
I took the car to work today and checked to see if the plunger extends when the a/c is turned on, it does.

A/C not on :

upload images

With A/C turned on:

upload images

Sorry for the puppies images.
Car was a little hard to restart after sitting for about 25 minutes, the other day i had it out this didnt happen.
Got to do plugs and wires first before i try figuring that out.
We will see how it runs on the way home from work tonight.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: HO Upgrade
Last post by Aerocoupe -
1985 Mustang GT was the first car to get a roller motor and by this I mean a roller lifter cam motor.  The 302W roller motors have the same firing order as the 351W.  The '85 GT also was the first year of the serpentine belt set up with the reverse rotation water pump.