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Lounge / Anyone into guns?
Well I have been gone for quite some time, I strayed away from cars for quite some time but have been working on a '67 Checker Marathon A-12E for a bit trying to get it sorted away(see pic)

As for my main focus/hobby right now, rifles, I have been working quite a bit. My Mosin project evolved quite a bit and now looks like this...

I also acquired a carbine Mosin Nagant also known as the Chinese Type 53, I redid the wood stock myself.

My last toy is a 1943 Swiss Karabiner 31, nothing quite as sweet as a Swiss straight pull rifle!

Glad to stop by and see how everyone is doing. Take care guys!
Lounge / Here we go a predicament...
Quote from: vinnietbird;368579
I've thought about a custom plate, but not sure where I'd have one made or who even does that. I could easily cut the aluminum plate, but having it etched correctly. I have drawings from some time ago with ideas for a Cobra intake plate. I may leave it blank until I seek out info on that. It won't hurt to shelve the new Cobra plate until I decide.

I think I have decided to "Go Cobra"...... Hey, that may be my new catch phrase...."Go Cobra !!!"...I can just hear a little Japanese kid saying that.

You could acid etch it. Get a negative vinyl made and apply the acid then rinse off and it can be anything you want. Works for valve covers or intakes. You could put "Vinnie Racing" on it or something.
Lounge / Wow, have I been away for a LONG time
I've been gone for quite some time as well. I still ain't got nothing but a pile of 85 XR7 parts tho...

That tbird is super clean, I'm eager to see what you do with it.
Lounge / Luck might be turning!
I wish you luck, make sure if you do sign up you choose a career that you can use. Any sort of mechanical job would be good in the service or out, if you choose infantry there isnt a whole lot you can really do with that.
Lounge / Guess the car
Lancia Flamina sedan ;) my proof is below...

I love this game!
Lounge / Guess the car
Gordon-Keeble GK1...........

Ugh what a search!

Good work though!

Lounge / Guess the car
Jeez, I haven't the foggiest. Any hints?