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Re: 83-84 Instrument Cluster - Anyone Installed Aftermarket Gauges?

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Looks great!

What's the left gauge on the panel above the glove box?
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Re: 83-84 Instrument Cluster - Anyone Installed Aftermarket Gauges?

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Appreciate it as it was a long time coming and I like it.  Will get back on it in a couple weeks and see about getting the speedo calibrated.  I am going off of what I have read on a few Mustang sites that the Autometer speedo will utilize the signal coming off of the stock 94/95 Mustang VSS.  This is with one wire grounded and the other one going to the SIG connection on the speedo.  I found where the black and green/white stripe wires from the factory VSS connector on my car came into the cabin and followed them up to just behind the radio area on the driver side.  Cut the wires there (I have no EEC and cruise control is long gone) and grounded the black wire and took the green/white stripe to the SIG terminal on the speedo.  The VSS connector on my car was pretty dirty but a little scrubbing with some WD40 and an old toothbrush got it clean.  Followed that up with some contact cleaner and a little light bulb grease and it connected right up to the 94/95 Mustang VSS.

I saw on Eric's site ( that he had the clusters for the different year cars and the 83-84 base cluster had the pin outs for the cluster connector.  Just wanted to give Eric a shout out for having that and I can verify that it is correct.  I cannot verify #5 as the speed input as I did not chase that out but it helped with all the other connections.

So with regards to what gauge is where I have a 3-3/8" speedo, 3-3/8" tach, 2-1/8" fuel level and 2-1/8" volt in the instrument cluster itself.  Fuel pressure, oil pressure and water temp are above the glove box with the angled adapters.  I used 2-5/8" on these as they are easier to read at distance.

If the black trim ring around the instrument cluster did not have the angle on the top of it (where I had to remove the material with the pvc pipe and sand paper) I think you could squeeze one more 2-1/8" gauge in there but it would be tight.

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Re: 83-84 Instrument Cluster - Anyone Installed Aftermarket Gauges?

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Dang son! Awesome looking setup.
Whoa, that was fun!