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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Re: 1985 Anniv parts cars
Last post by Vintage -
It's all or nothing, don't have the extra time for anything else, they are at an extra property I am selling, so have to move them out.  Wanted to give the board first crack at them, but it'll need to happen quick.  Giving it 2 wks, then they will be sold to scrapyard. Pretty sure at least one of them has the original anniversary key sets plus some Ford copies. 
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 1985 Anniv parts cars
Last post by Vintage -
Selling 2 complete1985 birds, both are anniversary cars, neither are running, have titles, rough shape but not wrecked, good parts cars or restore them. Both for $500, come get them, they are located close to Gainesville, FL.

Will post pics later this wknd.
Lounge / Re: Feeling frustrated with the state of my project.
Last post by ISTLCRUZ -
I think all car guys go through this. When I was younger I had less responsibility and more “me time “ but I also lacked the money. Big dreams empty pockets. Lol. Fast forward to later life more responsibilities, and kid’s needs come first. Having teens involved in sports and activities is expensive sometimes. If  i had an air conditioned garage I could wrench more at night but that’s not the case. Still I do what I can when I can. I sold a 4 eye GT when I was younger and first got married and have regretted letting that one go.
Lounge / Re: Feeling frustrated with the state of my project.
Last post by Beau -
For me, it comes down to *time*, *money*, and *motivation*.

None of those three seem to be able to exist all at the same time, in my life, at least right now.
Work is at least 6 days a week, and always 10 or more hours a day, just got over covid again for the second time, and have to much other puppies that's on the upper end of the priority list.

I said eff it. Gonna sell off all of my project stuff, two whole cars, an engine, (more like 3, all together), and a few boxes of stuff. Nothing to get excited's just mustang puppies. oh my, the filters are potent now. Both times, it was a word that rhymes with "nap" and is slang for what comes out of a puppies fundament. Oh well. Guess I have to buy a membership to say a puppies' cuss word LMFAO

Lounge / Re: Feeling frustrated with the state of my project.
Last post by custompunk -
Got the front fenders, header, bumper and trunk lid off.  Need to finish install of new trunk lid.  Didn't gap well.  Some progress though.   Even hit it with a 15 dollar sandblaster tank from a yard sale.  Had sand left in it.  Just did the outside strut tower to clean up some before a rust restorer was applied.  only one side cause it rained.  Over cast was nice enough to work in.