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Engine Tech / Re: Help Please, Energy Drain
Last post by Aerocoupe -
You can also check across the fuses with the test light for a draw. Realize when you open the door the circuit the curtsey lights are on will draw current.

My loss on my Mustang was the starter. 
Engine Tech / Re: Help Please, Energy Drain
Last post by softtouch -
Check after dark for any light from under hood, glove box or trunk.
Disconnect the negative battery cable. Connect a test light between the cable and the negative battery post.
If the test light lights, you have a power drain.
At the starter relay, disconnect the positive battery cable and all the wires from the battery cable post on the relay.
Touch the wires one at a time to the battery cable to see which one lights the light.

What year and engine do you have?
Misc Tech / Hub rubbing against AC pulley
Last post by Bird of Prey -
Recently the hub started rubbing against my AC pulley.  Although everything is hooked up the AC has never worked since I've had the car so I'm not sure what would have caused this change.  Before I inspect the hub, pulley and clutch, does anyone know what kind of compressor is in my car?  The hub appears to have a small Ford logo followed by the part number L3U1 190780 A stamped into it.  The compressor also has the Ford logo cast into the back of it.  I've attached a photo of the front of the compressor.
Engine Tech / Help Please, Energy Drain
Last post by Muttwood -
Yes, my Black is very jealous of the Red one.
The Black one blew the Alternator a few weeks back.
Now it will drain the battery sitting overnight.
I have tried different batteries so I know that is not the problem.
Right now, I'm thinking possibly starter or solenoid.
What do you think ?

Misc Tech / Re: phosphoric acid
Last post by Mikey97D -
ok by me...

here is the youtube link with the testing done live

this was done in a controlled manner, there's no reason to use anything else after you see this.....

my lessons learned are............
use 25% phos acid most times as its more effective than using 50/50.
I guess it has something to do with chemistry class.  also,, the white ish looking residue apparently is 100% paintable from what i have seen by others.,, as well is the black residue.
its almost like a primer layer self built upon the metal.

my channel............
James, I wanted to check in on how the treated parts you have done are holding up?
Engine Swapping / Re: Tunnel Ram
Last post by ottoparts -
8.2 deck height 289/302 setup. Definitely not a common setup in these cars. However I have found blower car pictures.