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Topic: [NE Delaware] ISO Red interior 87-88 TURBOCOUPE pieces. (Read 565 times) previous topic - next topic

[NE Delaware] ISO Red interior 87-88 TURBOCOUPE pieces.

I'm adding little pops of red to the interior of the car and am hoping to purchase the following:

- Red Center console lid
- Red Door pulls
- Red Armrests
- Black D/S door pocket
- Full (no rust please?) black door with power windows, operating locks and keyless entry pad. (The door skin on mine is rusting out badly along the lower edge, the vinyl finger from the lock cylinder to the rods is broken and I cannot seem to source another.)

DM me with price, please. (I'm much more active on the site now, checking in daily.)

I had purchased some of these things from another user but found there is a distinct difference in the door cards and geometry of the Turbocoupes versus non-turbo cars.
'88 Turbocoupe 5 speed.