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Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe

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Good progress this weekend.

Friday evening I made the charcoal canister and painted it.  It's 2" pvc with a bulkhead fitting coming in, steel wool followed by activated charcoal followed by steel wool, going out a removable cap with holes drilled in it.

Unfortunately USPS didn't manage to deliver the two fittings I needed to actually connect the thing Friday so that was at a standstill.

Saturday I completed that last bit of sensor wiring under the hood, then started on the fenders.  I think all told that day I made 5 parts store stops at varying locations to piece together all the new bolts/clips/screws etc that were needed.  At the end of the day the two fittings showed up in the mailbox but we had to go to a family gathering so that stopped progress.

Sunday morning I built the vent line, dropped the gas tank (the final time I hope), and hooked in the vent.  I also installed a new fuel filler neck seal, bit of a pain but not as bad as I feared.  Of course I had to run back to lowes since the conduit clamps I used to mount the canister above the tank needed longer bolts to be able to go around the PVC pipe.  Got the tank bolted back up with no major issues, then started the rest of the body assemby.

I should have taken more photos during disassembly, I barely remembered the big yellow piece and did not remember the metal piece at all.

All in all though, it went back on really smoothly.  Didn't even have to go get any parts.

At this point got my dad to come over to help hang the hood.  We broke out the playdoh to check air cleaner clearance, was pretty tight on the front lip.  Did some cutting on the bracing, it clears comfortably now but I'm a little worried about as the motor rocks around.  Cowl hood is definitely on the horizon.

Next up is getting the brakes bled and the car back down on the ground again, then start incrementally longer shake down drives.  Have an oil leak at the rear of the motor that I'm afraid is the rear seal (about the only thing I didn't change out), so probably this upcoming weekend I'll drive it over to my dads and use his lift to check it out and pull the transmission if needed.  Then the next thing to mess with is that wiper motor.

Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe

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Still making steady progress but not so photogenic.  Have the brakes working better although they're still not as firm as I would like, thinking I need to take a look at the rod from the booster.  Have the interior completely back together (guess should get a photo), got the car inspected this weekend and taking short shakedown drives.  There's a car show this Friday night that I'm planning on loading up the family and going to so trying to make sure every thing is good.

Drove it over to my parents this weekend.

Had a couple of rockers loosen up so went back through all of them and changed process on how I cinched them down.

Then started in on paint correction, not going all out because before long going to have to get some things redone but getting the big stuff out.

Kind of hard in the lighting to get a good photo but you can see the before and after line more or less centered on the phone.  Finish up the correction tonight, then get it washed again then waxed tomorrow, just about there...

Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe

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Oh and changing that wiper motor out Wednesday night, knew there was something I was forgetting.

Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe

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Nice to see you got on the road.

Are those fuel lines above the headers on the shock tower? 
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Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe

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ooh! shiny. Looking sharp!
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Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe

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Yes, the fuel pressure regulator is unbolted and laying loose in order to get the valve cover off.  I'm not wild about that aspect but I haven't seen a better solution yet.


Thank you, I appreciate it.  I got the whole car polished out last night so hopefully after work I can get it washed and waxed.

Re: Rehabbing an 87 Turbo Coupe

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Oh btw paint correction turned out to have to be a two step process, the M105 definitely needed a polish afterwards.  Extra night that really didn't have trying to get ready for Friday night, but that's what it took...

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Paint correction is done, got a coat of Collinite on it last night.

Not the greatest pics, sun was setting fast.  Unfortunately the car show tonight was cancelled due to rain, but that's ok.  Now I have the weekend to work on a few things, like that wiper motor...  Looked at it last night and going to take the hood back off to better access everything.  The process continues.