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78 F150 351w swap

Figured I'd post up the other money pit lol. Not much been done to it so far other than pulling the wore out 302 that was in it. Currently I have a 95 351w roller shortblock with low miles waiting on my to buy a set of heads and toss it in.

Truck in great shape apart from the bed that a previous swapped cause theirs was shot. At some point it was swapped to a np435 trans from the original c6. Cab forward is mint apart from the pass cab corner and bottom of pass door.

Current plans are just to get it on the road again since the tbird I got a few months ago took the trickflow head money away lol. At some point I'll go 408 with some good heads and do a crown vic crossmember swap and a different trans but for now I'm gonna find a set of stock heads and get her going again.
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Re: 78 F150 351w swap

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Man, I love a 78-79 Ford truck. For some reason, they make me tingle in the man parts.
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Re: 78 F150 351w swap

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Same here.

I remember riding home with my dad from the dealership when he bought his brand new '78. It was just a base F-100, but lots of good memories of that truck.
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Re: 78 F150 351w swap

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I'm actively looking for a '77 truck right now.

You know...42 year old midlife crisis bullshiznit.

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