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single row USB header, 6 pin?

I'm trying to add a card reader to my HP pavilion.  It connects to the MB via the usb header.  The MB (asus cuw-rm) has one spare USB header, but it is in a single row layout consisting of six pins (5 present, 1 absent) like this:  XXXoXX

My card reader uses the conventional 2x5 row 10 pin connector.  I'm just wondering, does anyone have a clue what the pinout is on this old style single row usb header, or at least know of a way I find out? I don't see any conventional labels on the MB.  :dunno: If I can at least figure that out, I think I can do some rewiring to the card reader to get it to work.  Otherwise I'm stuck buying an PCI USB card. :wtf:

Thanks guys


Re: single row USB header, 6 pin?

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The MB (asus cuw-rm) has one spare USB header

Really? Where on the board is it? The only manual I could find on Asus's site shows 2 built-in ports, but no extra headers. Is there a version number on the board?

Just had another think about it. HP is likely using an OEM version of the CUW-RM, modified to match their specifications. What exact model of Pavilion is it?
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Re: single row USB header, 6 pin?

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The exact model mb is CUW-AM.  The computer is an HP pavilion 6835.  The header pin is located next to the external USB ports, by the system fan connector.
If you visit HP's site they have a mb layout diagram like the one which you posted, but the usb header pin is shown.  I verified this by opening up my computer.


Re: single row USB header, 6 pin?

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If your card reader is wired for a two row header with two rows of wires, you will have to get an add in PCI card with an onboard header for it to function properly. If only one row is wired, then using the information from HP (scroll to bottom of the page you refered to) - from the card reader (if standard wire color is used) red is power, white should be data 1 - connect to USBPO#, green should be data 2 - connect to USBPO, black is ground. Make sure the additional port is turned on in BIOS. You might have to switch the white and green wires as HP might have done power, data 2, data 1 and ground instead of the more logical power, data 1, data 2 and ground.

Oh, pin #1 (power) should have a small arrow/triangle pointing at it.

Hope this helps!


Re: single row USB header, 6 pin?

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YES I realize this post is from 2004 BUT I recently purchased an old HP 6830 on eBay to play some old games and ran into this exact issue! When searching google THIS was the top post that came up, a FORD forum for a search about a year 2000 HP Pavilion haha. I want to reply in case anyone in a similar boat finds this post and share the solution.

The manual for this motherboard can be seen here and has the full pinout of the header.

With that it's very easy to look up what each colored wire on the USB line does BUT when wired up as you would expect it did not work. The flash drive would light up and then device manager would say "unknown device".

That's where the suggestion of @GreyWolf30 came in. HP did indeed wire up the +/- data lines backwards. Upon flipping the Green & White wires the front port now worked!

Side note, on the pinout there are two Grounds, one at pin 1 and another at pin 6. I used the top pin right next to the power pin and it all worked great.

Hope this helps someone and enjoy your whips dudes!