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Leads on brake line kits?

88TC, hard line sprung a leak right where the firewall and the crossmember meet. I don't imagine anyone makes pre-bent lines for these old shiznitboxes, but I figured I'd ask if anyone has a lead on who might. I've spent two afternoons looking around the googles and came up empty. Help?

Or if there's no help to be had, just the friendly pat on the shoulder a shake of the head will suffice.
'88 Turbocoupe 5 speed.

Re: Leads on brake line kits?

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Classic tube has an application.
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Re: Leads on brake line kits?

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Y'all are life savers...I was really not looking forward to paying someone else to screw up hand bending new lines and then screwing up the bleeding procedure... Just ordered the stainless set so I'll never have to worry about this BS again.
'88 Turbocoupe 5 speed.