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DIY exhaust

this weekend the oldest boy is in to install various parts to replace his exhaust that came with the car when we bought it from Privateer member here..

2 1/2'' pass side ready to be mated to a store bought 2 1/2'' axle pre-bent pipe.

we need to repeat this layout on the drivers side

get everything hung and then mark for the H pipe just a little bit to the rear of the trans mount.

add qty 2 bungs for O2 sensors on the pass or driver side.
add qty 1 bung for the other side.
this allows for a future wide band 02 when the eec is chipped.

all welds need cleaned up but so far its seems to be going ok.

the cats are fake.

apparently in VA his old "turbo chambered" mufflers were not legal, yet this fiberglass cherry bomb design is!

DIY exhaust

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got some more done yestrday.

next we add the cross over pipe to for the "H".

the section for the muffler on back will be clamped to make it removable.

the actual inside diameter of this pipe is 2 3/4''

DIY exhaust

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Going to be a little loud?
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DIY exhaust

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Quote from: tommym;466204
Going to be a little loud?

yes it is,, just finished.

not my thing but mason likes it.

id rather have at the least mufflers on it!

everything fit and went well though.
two solid days of fab work

we have under 250$ in it

DIY exhaust

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Any sound clips of this?  DIY stuff is always the coolest!

DIY exhaust

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you dont want em',, sound clips.

i can see about it this evening though,, mason is in for the weekend.

we did not get pics of the final completed product but two pipes are bridged to make an "H"

its just ridiculous in loudness

some would say it sounds just fine but sounding "like" your running open headers isnt my thing.

DIY exhaust

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now i will fess up....
all this pipe is 2 1/2'' EMT  (electrical conduit)

had to do some learnin' on what is pipe and what is tube.

"tube" is made and sold by total ouside diamater.

"Pipe" is made and sold by total inside diameter.

The emt is considered "PIPE"

the summit "tube" stuff is about .071 '' wall thickness
the EMT "PIPE" is about .076'' wall thickness

but if you buy stock single exhaust from the parts store like what came stock on my 20th anny,, rock auto supplied me with new parts and that "tube" material is about .035'' thick

so..... is it appropriate to call it exhaust "PIPE"-  NO  Its exhaust tubing.

DIY exhaust

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Is the EMT pipe coated in some way (i.e. aluminized inside and out)? If not it'll probably rust through pretty quick ;)
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DIY exhaust

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i got a sound clip ,,, will get it on here real soon.

to be honest it sounds better in than i thought a few weeks ago.