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Engine Tech / Re: Upper Radiator Hose Inner Diameter
Last post by Ductape91 -
It's 1.5" at the thermostat and 1.25" at the radiator.

I believe it's 1.25" all the way until you get to the thermostat.

Thank you, i actually thought it was 1 1/2 but wasnt sure since the thermostat end is larger so i tried to search here and foureyedpride to be sure since i cant be the only person that didnt know the correct size and had to ask. But seems i was :P
Engine Tech / Upper Radiator Hose Inner Diameter
Last post by Ductape91 -
For the last week i have been trying to find out what the "inner" hose diameter size is on the upper radiator hose on 3.8 v6 cars without having to go yank one out, but to no avail.
Im going to add a temp gauge(more of a multi digital gauge thingy) since they didnt have one in 83 and wanted to get one of those aluminum housings you T into the cooling hoses for the temp sender to go into, which come in many sizes, but am waiting untill i found the hose size.
Does anyone happen to know what the size is?
User Rides / Re: 1983 Ford Thunderbird Heritage
Last post by Ductape91 -
I see nothing...... lol

Pics are linked offsite thru imgbb, are they being blocked for you?

Amazingly clean survivor. How many miles on it?

28k, it was the one that was for sale out near pittsburg last month or so ago. Not mint but nice original car. I have my 84 gt turbo vert as well im still working on making right but wanted another tbird since i miss being able to just get in something and drive it without worrying about trouble finding parts for it when something breaks.
Its weird how much newer this car feels than my daily driver, the seats feel firm like in a new car. I noticed when looking for the build sheet there was plastic under the passenger seat that looks like it was just put on, i saw an auction for what is claimed to be similar nos seats that has the same plastic covering the passenger seat bottom on it as well.
When i get time to ill pull it out and take decent pics of it.
User Rides / Re: 84 Tbird project
Last post by 5.0 tbird -
Wheels pics are here!

After I sold the TRX wheels I used that money to buy a new set of 245/45-17 Falken Ziex ze950 a/s tires

Then 4 members of our family got covid, and thank God we all survived. My girlfriend's stepdad got it first and it turned into covid pneumonia and sent him to the hospital for 5 days. He was out of work for 6 weeks. Then my girlfriend's mom got it from the stepdad and she got over it within about 3 or 4 days. My girlfriend got it from her mom, and it was pretty much like a bad case of the flu for her. She went back to work after 10 days. I got it from my girlfriend, and it turned into covid pneumonia for me also. I stayed out of the hospital thanks to virtual doctor visits where I got antibiotics and steroids. I was out of work for 3 weeks.

Yesterday I was able to get the tires put on the mesh wheels, and get the mounted on the car.