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Engine Tech / 1986 Cougar 3.8 L won't idle.
Quote from: midnight cat;466779
The fuel pressure is 35, which is what it should be. That was the first thing I checked. Any other ideas?  Thanks!

Are the injectors getting signal to pulse/open?
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / The days are numbered
It would definitely be tough having a daily 30+ year old car especially if you do a lot of miles. 
You could probably skirt the brake pad finding issue by upgrading to a current brake/rotor setup, but that wouldn't help with other parts.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Dangit! Missed it by THAT much!
There's a '67-69 ish Cougar up the street from me sitting on the.......lawn.  I twitch everytime I see it.  I even offered to help him get it up in the air off the lawn.  It has been sitting there for about 5 years now.  Can't be good.
Lounge / Found New Use For Dishwasher
How did it work for you?  After picture?

I did a 2 stroke top end once before I sent it out for replating (nikasil) and wasn't that impressed. 

I have found letting carbs soak in Pine Sole over night does wonders though making them look almost new.  I have used oven cleaner on my dirt bike engines but only very briefly cause it is caustic to aluminum.  Pressure wash off after only a minute or so and very happy with the clean.
Drivetrain Tech / C4/FMX Question
IMO if deciding between a C4 and FMX, I would choose the C4.  Plenty of shift and rebuild kits available .
Body/Appearance/Interior / LED Bulb Conversion (Whole Car)
Looks really good with the conversion. 

Have you changed the headlights over yet and if so how do you like them? 

Most of the conversions I have seen so far they didn't have the dash dimmable which is a no go for me.

And there is my second post after lurking here a while.