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Engine Tech / Re: after market Dizzy FYI *** IMPORTANT READ
The location of the gear is very important and it's a good idea to check side by side dizzy's before exchanging on the location.  If you have the chance to get one from the local yard whether good or bad electronically, it may be a good idea to grab it as a visual check.

Although the spring pin hole may offer a quick check, the location of the teeth is what matters.  The location of the spring pin hole for the gear and distributor shaft may differ but the teeth location must be the same.

Thanks JC for the heads up!
Electrical Tech / Re: Fuel Pump Runs Intermittently
Got it started and set the timing.  Let it sit a few hours then took it on short trip around town.  Hasn't died.......yet.

Realizing now I probably should have posted this in electrical.
Engine Tech / Re: 3.8L Mechanical Fuel Pump interchangeability ?
I am not familiar enough with the 3.8 to know if it's similar to the Windsor motors that have it on the timing cover.  I just double checked on 351 on the stand.

Looking through the '88 shop manual it appears there is a timing cover and Google searching '83 3.8 shows the fuel pump on the passenger side on the front but not sure if it is on the cover but would make sense.
Electrical Tech / Re: Fuel Pump Runs Intermittently
At this point in time, I am thinking of removing that plug because it is garbage and jumping the wires together until I find a replacement plug and inertia switch. 

I can see if the fuel pump continues to run while the car warms up and if it loses power then it is either the relay or pip?
Electrical Tech / Fuel Pump Runs Intermittently
'88 Thunderbird TC

About a month or so ago I thought my fuel pump went bad so I replaced it with a Walbro 255 lph that I had waiting to install.  Ran fine for a few hundred miles until yesterday 1/2 mile from home.

Replaced the TFI cause it was erratic on running / not running yesterday.  Thought I was gonna need a tow but it started and ran perfect to get it home.

I tried to warm the car up to set the timing after replacing the TFI (It's easier to remove the distributor to change TFI on the 2.3).  Runs for a few minutes and dies.  Timing light is flashing so I know I have spark.  Fuel pump does prime when i turn the ignition on for starting.  Doesn't prime every time I cycle the key back to back. 

I get the car to run for a few moments to see the fuel pressure at 35 psi at idle then drop and the car dies.

I found the inertia switch and the white button is floppy.  Doesn't seem to do anything either direction. 

The intermittent thing has me thinking it isn't the inertia switch, but not sure.  Should the button be floppy on the switch?
What next to check?

Thank you in advance.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Bummer on the starter and glad you were able to get the fire out.  Did the starter stick or the solenoid? 
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC
I got the tank back in the car Friday and everything buttoned up.  So far so good.

I didn't find any cracks in the rubber line on the pump in the tank, but replaced it anyhow for good measure.

Going on vacation in a couple weeks so prepping for that not sure when I will get back into the car for the covers and front spoiler.
User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC
Are you sure its the fuel pump and not the piece of rubber between the fuel pump and the pickup assembly?  They rot out and crack causing fuel pump fail symptoms.  Cannot remember if you have already had the tank out and what not but thought I would throw it out there.
I am not certain. Thanks for the tip and I will check while I have the tank and pump out.  
Picked a syphon up today to start emptying the tank although with all this rain nothing is going to happen unfortunately because I am working in my driveway this time.