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full digital cluster

looking for a full Digital cluster 1987 mercury cougar 5.0

Re: full digital cluster

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I  have a digital dash from a 1985 30th Anniversary Thunderbird that came equipped with the Elan interior with a 5.0. I would assume that it woud fit a 1987 as well as the dashes are quite similar. I have no idea what the mileage might be. The dash was in an anniversary parts car I purchased that had lost a fight with a telephone pole so it wasn't running when I got it. If you believe it would fit then get back to me and I will see about retrieving it.  I will have to move a non-running Mustang in my garage to get to the attic above it so it might take me a day or so to get to it.  Chris.

Re: full digital cluster

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AFAIK they are the same cluster.  Just depends if he has column shift or floor shift. 

Column shift has the PRNDL on the cluster.


Re: full digital cluster

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It was a column shift