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General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Need data on 88 Sport Coupes
Blkbrd88, I have a 88 5.0 LX, in 1988 they made very few with the 5.0 & the sports coupe because they changed the body style & They had the Mustang Cougar & VII, Believe me I tried to purchase a New T-Bird SC body with a Hi-Output 5.0 & They didn't make such an Animal
Body/Appearance/Interior / Rims rims rims!
Vinnie, How's it's going? Hey Man I spoke with you a couple of times when I was flat on my Back waiting to have Back Surgery, I had the Surgery in Mid 2009 & now I'm on my feet again, I delivered vehicles now & I've been through Ardmore quite a few Times over the last 2 years, However I didn't realize you lived there until tonight, I pass thru in a Tractor/RV or when I'm on Greyhound headed back to TX, New Time I'm headed back to Texas I'll check to see what Spare parts you have so that I can complete my 88 T-Bird I need a right rear Light Cover & a Set of Headlights, possibly some door trim pieces, give me a call 832-969-0522 Marlon
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Thunderbird WANTED
I have the car for you 88 T-Brd 5.0 LX Original Motor completely done to OEM new Radiator, pwr steering ,Distributor pioneer amfm/cd and 6 new speakers with alpine 4 channel no sub, all complete daily driver before I started to resto original miles was 96k before rebuild on motor need to sell
Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / For Sale 88 5.0 LX
For Sale 88 T-Bird 5.0 LX fresh rebuild to oem had only 95k at rebuild regular oil change at 3,k miles 2nd owner had 68k when purchased clean title not salvage resto almost completed 95% body work estimate from Maaco was $650.00 because very minor body work needed, Interior damage is also minor headliner very minor rear seat 5/16in tear and carpet driver side front original owner careless smoker she dropped a few lit cigs on carpet because she was also an older woman other that these flaws it is very clean well maintained and 65k miles, $5,000.00 invested asking $4500.00
User Rides / For Sale 88 T-Bird 5.0 LX
1988 5.0 LC Coupe Fresh rebuilt motor resto is 95% complete no rust any where trunk wheel wells very minor body work needed estimate at maaco was only$650.00 and most was driver side kickpanel on door and small dent and same side quarter panel 1/4 in dent by my body side molding can post my pics in the shade on a sunny day and you can see the entire car front, sides and rear and 10 dings on the entire car paint faded on hood and roof, Doors windows lift motors new and window regulator completely rebuilt by me and resealed with dupont epoxie, this car has been restored for me to cruise everywhere without any fears of a breakdown, I restored to factory specs except for alum 14's but it was an opt for that car Have clean title no salvage  must sell this car to a person like my self because I injured my back and may  surgery and I don't want it to just sit in my storage or never roll again because I know a lot of you guys and gals are like me and would take care of my boy, Have a lot of love and sweat in this car
and over $3,000.00 invested in it parts only New radiator, Power steering reseivor, completely rebuilt front end  asking $4500.00
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Wanted 88 5.0 Brain
Dear Fellow Aero birds,

I need a computer for my 1988 5.0 T-Bird to complete my car any wrecked cars out there running please let me know