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Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: need a seating solution
Last post by Beau -
I put a set of '98 GT seats into a friend's Fox Stang...huge improvement. He's also a bigger fella and said upon the first drive with the new seats that it felt a lot better.

Leather..ughh. It's nice to look at but wears like puppies and will eventually...look like puppies as well.

If I could find myself an Expedition Platinum eco boost with cloth and withOUT that damned moonroof, I'd be happier than a hog in a new mudhole.

Unfortunately....effing Ford and their junk moonroofs.

I've also noticed that the SN95 seats don't seem to get (or maybe as bad?) that good ole Fox gangsta lean like the older seats get..
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Hood Hinges???
Last post by EricCoolCats -
No, they DO just bolt on, no messing with changing out the stock hinges at all. Only problem is, bolt-on the hinge section seems to have a unique clip and there may not be a substitute for it. Long as you get that you're golden though.
Engine Tech / Re: 3.8 v6 Carb Questions, Options?
Last post by Ductape91 -
Pic of the linkage difference.

What the original looked like on the car.

Now, after doing a little searching i find out that the carburetor has to match the transmission of the car when searching for replacement, since these AOD cars have different throttle valve linkage that sometimes cant just swap over.
I never saw anybody mention the trans in their listings.
Ugh, Wish i knew an oldhead local mechanic i could bother about this, i get the feeling this is stuff they would be more familiar with and could point me in the right direction.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Hood Hinges???
Last post by EricCoolCats -
Ray, got the message, and I'll post here for the sake of helping others out if they've got the same questions.

The Mark VII had the same hood hinges as the 1983-86 Cougar/T-Bird except for one thing: they had a bolt-on coil section to help keep the hood up. The coil spring looks just like those on older GM vehicles but it's lower tension.

This is the section on my own hood:

The 1987-88 Cougar/T-Bird hinges are redesigned and have a higher-tension coil. That's fine for a stock hood, but in my case, they were pushing up the aftermarket fiberglass hood too much when it was down. The corners stuck up like 3-4". I also did not want the prop rod solution either. So one day in the boneyard I found the Mark VII hinges and tried them out. For me they're not perfect as the hood does come up just a bit, but it's way better than the 1987-88 hinges. It's a nice solution for any hood long as you can find them.
Engine Tech / 3.8 v6 Carb Questions, Options?
Last post by Ductape91 -
So i had some time to go work on the tbird today, hoping to swap the carb and get this thing driving reliably, but got stopped by some differences between the one that came with the car and the remanufactured replacement i bought for it.

share picture

The replacement has a mixture solenoid on the back that mine doesnt, i was expecting that to be there on the original and bought the replacement on the assumption it would be. We all make mistakes sometimes and i should have known better than to buy something without being certain about it.
The original one has no bucktag for some reason and the sticker on it was too faded to make out any numbers. There wasnt any numbers stamped on it i saw but it was dirty and dark in there i could have missed something.
It may not be original for all i know.
There is also a problem with the linkage being different between them, the replacement didnt have the kickdown stuff on it and the original carb parts are to be honest looking in such poor condition i dont believe i could get away with swapping them over to make it work.
The replacement one has what looks like a nice hairline crack going thru most of the airhorn(not casting flashing or anything like that) so now im in doubt about that as well.

Any advise on what course should i proceed with here on this mess?

Send out the original one that came with the car to get rebuilt since it likely needs more than just gaskets?

Purchase another carburetor and try again?

I only bought the other as it was advertised specifically for the 3.8, so many choices out there for these 2150 carbs for less than 100 bucks but they were much larger and didnt want to get into making things work i wanted bolt on and go for now.
The only other one i was eyeballing was a pricey holley im reluctant to shell out the money on yet.

Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: need a seating solution
Last post by Vintage -
I haven't tried the seats you linked to from Lmr but I agree with Chuck, the Sn95 seats bolt right to the Tbird tracks, they are comfortable and supportive (I'm 6'1 and 242) and I love mine. They have held up better than any of the fox era stuff I've used in the past.

And I think I paid 40 bucks for the pair at a swap meet, although I don't think the salvage yards would charge much more as long as you take them without the sn95 seat tracks which you can't use anyhow. They want like 15 bucks per side for seat tracks at the yards I have hit.

Skip the leather, Ford's leather has been, still is, and apparently always will be... junk. Get cloth ones and make sure you keep the seat track bolts if you are taking the sn95 tracks off.