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New cars. JDM life.

I've owned mostly Ford and Chevy cars but now have a Subaru and a Nissan, lol.


1986 Mercury Cougar - 2.3T/T5 swap, TC brakes and suspension and rearend, 3" exhaust, 255 lph fuel pump, Stinger BOV, Gillis MBC @ 18 psi
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Re: New cars. JDM life.

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Good luck.....

Re: New cars. JDM life.

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Always like the Subaru wagons.  Not a fan of the 2.5 head gaskets though.
1988 Thunderbird TC, 5spd
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Re: New cars. JDM life.

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I just don't even know what to say...
1983 Tbird with '03 Split Port V6 motor swap done! Headers, dual exhaust, 500CFM Edelbrock, 3G upgrade, Electric fan. 3.73 Gears and an FRPP Limited Slip. Five lug complete! 5-Speed conversion complete! Standalone Fuel Injection in progress...

Re: New cars. JDM life.

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I farted around with a Lexus for a few years.

When the (now ex) wife found herself in another's arms, the car went, too.

I miss neither of them. ;)

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