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WTB T3 turbo and Roller Cam

Looking for:

an SVO turbo or a decent T3 or T3/T4

roller cam (not a ranger roller) preferably like a Boport 1.1 / 1.5 or something close

trying to save some money and buy used, will need shipped to Tampa FL
1988 Thunderbird TC:

* SVO T3 .60 / .63
* Esslinger cam gear retarded 4 degrees
* RR Cam
* Ported E6 manifold
* Stinger 3" single exhaust & downpipe
* Stinger FMIC
* Aeromotive Adjustable FPR
* AEM Cone Filter

Re: WTB T3 turbo, FMIC, Roller Cam

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Try Ron Hartman(FB) for the turbo .. Ron’s Performance Garage. He may be able to help with the other parts also. Try the TurboFord site as well.
Good luck with the search
87 Tbird LX w/Factory floor shifter:D   3G upgrade. Tinted Windows...85 Mustang GT steering wheel(non-cruise) 17'' Saleen SC style wheels,Front/Rear TC sway bars/poly bushings & Mustang GT steering rack...'05 Mustang V6 springs...93 Cobra MC & booster, MM adjustable C/C plates,  Work  In  Progress.......  ( On The Shelf---HO computer, 19lb injectors, HO cam, BBK headers, Explorer Intake, Cold Air Intake ,Phantom Gauges, Stinger stainless exhaust pipes )
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