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Brake Light in dash cluster

I am curious if there is a switch attached to the E Brake system on my 1988 LX Thunderbird. I have moved the car a handful of times this spring, and the light would go out when releasing the E Brake. Last weekend the light did not go out. After setting and releasing multiple times and light not going out, I proceeded to roll car back and forth and then went for a ride. E Brake is definately releasing, car drove fine, fluid level in master cylinder is good, didnt come across any leaks under car. Thought I would ask the experts before poking around.
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Re: Brake Light in dash cluster

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Try pulling up on the e-brake pedal after you have released it. The switch for this is on the driver’s side above the kick panel and e-brake pedal. I had this happen to me once and if I recall, the brake pedal was sagging just enough to trigger the switch. I believe the switch position is slightly adjustable.
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