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Drivetrain Tech / Re: Discussion time: Best FD gearing for 88TC cruiser?
Last post by Combatspace -
There are plans in the works for a more effective turbo and fuel system for the 300whp goal, specifically a twin scroll 50 trim .63A/R something or other. Would like to have a nice big brand like Garrett or Turbonetics, but with those names and reputations comes a hefty price tag. That said, if I'm going to upgrade, I'd rather only ever to do it once so I suspect it'll be worth it to spend the cash.
User Rides / Re: 88 TC project.
Last post by Combatspace -
Picked up a Stinger-Performance 3" full turbo-back piping kit and while I still need flanges, hangers, cat and resonator welded in, she's clamped in for the time being and all things considered, doesn't sound half bad for a straight piped tractor motor. I did manage to get the bird out to a couple events early in the season before an emergency stop popped a brake line right at the K-member. As such, she's up on blocks for the time being while I fiddle with some other stuff. Not yet sure if I'm going to try taking the lines on myself or bring it to a shop to do. There are some things that I would just rather have a professional do than pretend I know how to myself and get myself killed, yanno? The short list of these is tuning, cracking open an engine/trans, precise setup of suspension, bending new brake lines. At some point I'm going to have to learn these skills but for things that require precise tolerances and specific calculations to get right, I'd rather pay someone to do it properly.

IMG_1481 by Lexi Edwards, on Flickr

Cold Start:
IMG_1547 by Lexi Edwards, on Flickr

Warm and revs:
IMG_1565 by Lexi Edwards, on Flickr

EDIT: OP updated with list of modifications.
User Rides / Re: 88 TC project.
Last post by Combatspace -
Managed to unstick the wastegate so I'm not having boost problems anymore. Found I had the boost controller hooked up wrong, so now I'm boosting properly and even put in a nice set of analog autometer gauges for Boost, AFR, and Oil Pressure (preparations for the future). Thought I was going to move soon so I've been putting the interior back together as well, but turns out that was a false alarm. I wanted to carry the subtle red strip around the outside of the car inside as a styling choice so I picked up some red interior pieces from another member here. Was only after I received them that I found I'd made an oopsie in not realizing the TC and non-TC interiors are different. Live and learn. Would like to get red TC door pulls and armrest pads (center console top too maybe?) but so far I'm really liking the stock red seatbelts and door pulls look (despite the pulls being slightly wrong.) Also been thinking about a nice little halfcage setup with a red suede bucket seat but I'm not sure if that'll be too much for the interior. We'll see as things progress. Here's some of the interior and miscellaneous stuff:
User Rides / Re: 88 TC project.
Last post by Combatspace -
Figured I'd post an update on the car since I haven't in over a year.

Been fiddling with the stance a bit, picked up some 1' spring spacers for the rear to give me a little more adjustability in height back there. It's been a real chore trying to get this car level at all four corners and I'm sure it has everything to do with the mismatched Frankenstein of parts I've cobbled together for this. Fox stang, bird and SN95 parts all over just to get things right they "should" be, but adjusting it all? It's been a nightmare trying to get it perfect.
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Last post by Combatspace -
Looks really good for a rattle can job. A little wet sanding could bring it up a notch, but that's also a lot of work for a $100 paintjob. Glad to hear you're able to enjoy the car during the season.
Drivetrain Tech / Discussion time: Best FD gearing for 88TC cruiser?
Last post by Combatspace -
So, I'm starting to get the itch for a 5 lug swap and while its some time off, I'm curious to pick everyone's brains on the topic of which final drive you all feel is best for these birds when mated to the 2.3t and the stock manual trans? Currently I'm stock with the 3.55(?) and the gears feel really short on the highway. I'm currently sitting above 3k at 70mph (I know it has a bit to do with a shorter tire) and would like to be closer to the 2k range but these are all keyboard warrior numbers and internal speculation. I don't want to lose too much of the sporty feel of the car, but I feel with the extra power a longer gear will be fine (and help load up the turbo anyways...)

What do you guys think? How do you feel about your ring gear swaps? Which do you prefer and why?
User Rides / Re: Pastel Desert Sand TC...
Last post by custompunk -
I am choosing a fuel cell because the car is a turbo coupe and I plopped the 5.0 in it.  I had to modify the in tank pump to allow for a better flowing fuel pump.  This is the modified pump.

I could never get the sending unit to read right so I want to simplify everything with new tank, lines, pump, and sending unit.

I managed to remove all the fuel lines today; brake lines will be removed too on another day.  Once that's done it'll be the ebrake that needs to be removed to allow for cleaning the rust off the subframe for the connectors to be welded in. 
User Rides / Re: 84 Tbird project
Last post by 5.0 tbird -
Started the 11" brake upgrade last week. I went with 94 Mustang GT front struts that I learned have a shorter top bolt about 1/2" shorter than Thunderbird struts. The nut just barely threads on so I modified the strut mount. I ended up cutting a 1/2" out of the spacer in the strut mount.

While we were bleeding the brakes I discovered the master cylinder was slowly losing pressure so I replaced it.

Now it just needs an alignment and that should finish the 11" brake upgrade.

Today, I decided to start tearing down the motor to install my GT40 heads.

Next is to drop the heads on with fresh gaskets and start reassembly
User Rides / Re: Starting fresh
Last post by Clayton -
No updates to speak of I've just been getting out to every car show I can make it to

My work will be shut down the week of the 4th so that gives me a chance to get down to the track in Muncie and see what she does. I need to buy a set of tires so I can go down on a Friday night TnT. I haven't done any of those due to them requiring slicks or drag radials, but Wednesday's are open to street tires.