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Command Prompt Box Keeps Coming Up Randomly

"Hello everyone,

Not sure where to post this, but I have done some preliminary research on this problem, and some say it may be a malware problem. Here is what is happening:

On my wife's notebook(HP 2000) she has been experiencing a strange thing over the last month or so. The command box will pop up seemingly whenever it wants(we have kept a record of the times, but no apparent pattern), stay there for no more than 1-2 seconds then disappear. She is trying to get a print screen, because there is something written in there which I am sure might reveal why the box keeps coming up. However, it is up so short of time we can't tell what's written in there(not much). One thing we are worried about is that someone said this could be a hacker trying to attempt to connect to our computer. Another said it could be due to some kind of malware causing this. Another said check the Task Scheduler. We went to Microsoft with it and they did a Remote Access, but because they cannot actually see what we are talking about they admitted they are limited in what they can do and as to what is causing it. They did change some setting on command prompt(cannot remember exactly what) and said this might work. It didn't. Then they recommended a drastic move, an upgrade of Windows 10.

Any idea, suggestions would be appreciated,


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