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VBulletin software

People at my church want to start a forum, and they are looking to me for help.  We have a server we can run it off of, so I think (not really a computer guy) all I'll need is the software.  I haven't had much problems with this site, so I'm thinking about using this.  How hard is vBulletin to work with?  We do have some programmers at our disposal, but they are pretty busy. 

On the same note, is there any decent forum software that is free?  Cheaper is better, but if it's going to cause problems every day, we rather shell out for it.  Any suggestions/comments?
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VBulletin software

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vbulliten is the best setup I have ever used in an everyday situation. I think you would need to host it on a site like I will wait for thunderchicken and eric to chime in here.
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