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hostin burnouts!

so... anyone have room for a couple of files?  About 15mb a piece.  They're really good burnout videos.  one of a trac-lock V6 cougar, and the other one is a V8 bird with 15's roasting away.  Anyway, if you're interested i do have dsl so it's not to bad of an upload.  Just no FTP site for me.
84 TC 302 -5.0L/t5/7.5 locking rear and a 3.45 gear, Edelbrock Intake, Aluminum Heads, Edlebrock 65mm Throttlebody, Edlebrock Cam, 24lb injectors & MAS Air Sensor calibrated via chip,  BBK headers, Catback H pipe, Magnaflow mufflers :evilgrin:

 Project Thread with pics

Re: hostin burnouts!

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1988 Thunderbird Sport


Re: hostin burnouts!

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i have a website but i dont do anything with it. probley should lol.