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computer things old timers don't understand

I know that some of you young turks understand alot more about computers than most us old timers. I stopped actively studying computers about 8 years ago. So here's your chance to educate the old!

So let the Q/A begin.... :dunce:

computer things old timers don't understand

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I wanted to start this off so here's my first question...

1. Why in the heck has the convention of selection or where the cursor initially falls say in a browser address box default to selecting or addressing the entire box contents instead for example defaulting to the end of existing text?

 If you don't hit a asci key, which wipes out all the text in the box, which is very annoying by the way, you have to hit the mouse key several times to get the cursor to select the end of any existing text. I would think that after 4 or 5 versions of Windows this annoying convention would be user selectable! Any clues??