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I killed my PS2 this weekend.  I took it to a friends house for her birthday party so we could play DDR and Guitar Hero, but when I hooked it up to her TV it wouldnt read either of the game discs!  So I stuck in a DVD really quick, it would read that either. Luckily one of the other guys that was there lived nearby and went to get his console so we could still play.

When I got back home I hooked it up again just to make sure it was toast.  It wouldnt even read a music CD.  Back when the PS2 came out there were a lot of people saying that the laser lens inside wasnt meant to handle DVDs.  Well I got one of the first PS2s to be sold before they updated the hardware and made the new "slim" PS2, so Im guessing that after 5 years of watching DVDs it finally gave up.  It had a good run though.

So I went to Wal-Mart last night and bought a new PStwo for $120.  The box of the new one was almost as big as the old PS2!  I didnt realize how small those things were.  I did hear that some PS2 games were incompatible with the Two, I havent gotten around to seeing if any of my games dont work.  But it works with Guitar Hero and DDR alright! :D