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Title: Reinstalling Mac (Ouch)
Post by: MexCougar on May 21, 2006, 12:23:58 PM
Well, i fixed the powerbook with the password issue, but now, the actual owner of the laptop installed Ubuntu for power pc and deleted the OSX. And yep, is very good, but not blazing fast when the OSX was installed, and we want the osx again. Ok, here is really impossible to get OSX discs since there isnt an apple store in at least 500 km. But we got lucky and got the Jaguar discs. The bad, it needs a "Previous operating system installed". OK, what operating system i need to install  FROM ZERO, i need a system that i can install "without previous versions" Really was very hard to get those Jaguar discs (and these are original) but they seems to be the "upgrade versions". There are 3 discs, two of jaguar and one is the developer tools. There are many versions of mac, im confused of what i need....

Thanks in advance...
Title: Reinstalling Mac (Ouch)
Post by: EricCoolCats on May 21, 2006, 07:53:18 PM
Oh that's not good at all. You got a Jaguar (10.2) upgrade's looking for 10.1 or earlier. Trust me, Jaguar is not that great...Panther (10.3) is very good overall and is much snappier than Jaguar ever was. Tiger (10.4) is even quicker. I'd highly recommend hunting down a Panther or Tiger full version install CD/DVD set. Does that laptop have a combo or Superdrive, that can read from a DVD?
Title: Reinstalling Mac (Ouch)
Post by: MexCougar on May 22, 2006, 12:00:31 AM
Yes, the G4 has the DVD-Cdrw drive. I know the Tiger is quicker, but Jaguar was the better that we can get....