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Need my rear tighter

So I am looking to get stiffer springs in the rear of my bird. It is an 88 sport with a 351W swap. Every time I go over a small wow in the road, the right rear tire rubs my body. The car is not lowered but my battery in on that side right behind the rear seat back. It is chewing my tire so bad on the sidewall and I want o fix it.

I do not want to lower the car. The springs in the front are 2003 Cobra springs and they are perfect. I did some research and I see there is a Moog CC823 that can be used. I can not find any info on the spring rate of this or if it will keep the ride height. I only rear that it is a constant rate or specific rate. Anyone have any info or have used them?

I also saw that SN95 rear coils may work. Any info on that?
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Re: Need my rear tighter

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You can always go coil overs in the rear if you are willing to buy the "chuck" mustang rear shock adapters and then the shocks and coil over kit.

Where exactly in the trunk is your battery?  Mine is down in the spare tire well, all the way to the back and to the driver side.  I have coil overs so I just adjusted the static ride height to be 1/4" high on the driver side rear to the passenger side rear and it sits dead level with me in the car.

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Re: Need my rear tighter

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I have the  Moog CC821 rear coil springs on CHE adjustable lower control arms.  The CC821 are progressive springs that are shorter than the stock springs but when combined with the CHE adjustable control arms it raised my rear end 1/4" at the lowest settings.  I am happy with the spring rated the progressive use and very happy with the rear control arms.  Made it a completely different car to drive compared to my worn out bushings and stock arms........just in case you want to spend more money.  :biggrin:

I am not sure the difference in the spring rate between the CC821 and CC823.
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