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Front Lower Control Arm replacement

My mechanic suggested to replace my old front lower control arm as the arm bushing was worn out - normal wear and tear.

I prospected this lower arm kit online but I'm not sure if the price is right or kinda OP.

Any thoughts? or any other alternatives?

Re: Front Lower Control Arm replacement

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What year is your car?

83-86 used the mustang fox arms
87-88 used the sn95 mustang arms, with fox ball joints

Re: Front Lower Control Arm replacement

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If your car is in fact an 83-86 car then just buy two each of these:

Moog Ball Joint P/N K8259 - run around $30 each
Moog Bushing Kit P/N K8289 - run around $20 each (contains the front and rear bushing in each kit)

Have the old ones pressed out and the new ones pressed in at a mechanics shop or machine shop.  This used to cost around $60 total but I could see it being up to $80 or $100 now.  If really want to clean them up then have them press the bushings and ball joints out, power wash the LCA's, degrease them, wire wheel them, and then paint them with a low or medium gloss engine paint.  Take them back to the shop and have them press in all the new stuff and reinstall.

So for an all in of $100 in parts and $100 in pressing them in and out you save a lot.  If you have an impact and air compressor then get the free rental tool at any parts store that will remove and install the ball joints and bushings and now you are at $100.

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