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Caster/Camber plates.

I know they're out there, but do I really need them.  I'm lowered on SN-95 springs, and I've got something like 2 degrees negative camber.  As you can imagine, on grooved roads, the car can be entertaining to drive with 245/45ZR17's.  Has anybody got experience with the factory plates?  How much correction have you managed to get from adjusting them?

Caster/Camber plates.

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I know that back in the day you just slotted the holes on the struts to help with camber on a lowered car.  Sometimes you had to open up the hole on the top of the strut tower and elongate the mounting holes for the factory plates to get enough adjustment.  The one thing you could not adjust was caster and when you lower a car you need to adjust it so the steering will self-center.  Another issue you may be experiencing is bump steer which is what it sounds like is also happening.  With the wide tires up front and grooved roads cars with bump steer issues tend to wander a bit.  This could also be due to the tires as some people have had issues and swapped over to a buddy's set of rims and tires and the issue was much less severe.

With as much $$$ and time as you have in your car just get a set of the MM CC plates and be done with the guessing game.  As for the bump steer kit a quick check is to see if the tie rods (inner and outer assembly) are parallel to the lower control arm with the suspension loaded on all four corners i.e. on the ground.  If they are not then there are two different bump steer kits one is a tapered style for stock geometry cars with stock K-Members and the other is a bolt through style for cars with modified geometry which is usually due to aftermarket K-members and control arms.


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Caster/Camber plates.

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I second the CC plates, I just installed a set on my bird from MM.  I do believe they are going to make easy alignment for the alignment shop, also in the works is the bump steer kit, my arms are not parallel and I have sn95 spindle with motorsport lowering springs.